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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I was right, wasn't I?

I've been posting for less than a week and I've already done something stupid. I told you I would. That sure didn't take long.
In today's blog I was picking on my honest-to-goodness, really good friend Mrs. Farmhouse. When I wrote it, I intended it to be humorous. Looking at it several hours later, I'm worried that it may appear that I'm upset with Karen. I most definitely am not. People may assume I'm serious about what I say when really I mean it in fun - stretching the truth all the way.
OK, that's about as serious as I'm likely to get. I've already got the next blog "cooking" in the back of my mind. Now that I think about it tho, I should probably just write it now 'cuz I can't afford to have stuff taking up space in my mind - I need all of it functioning just to walk & chew gum.
Closing the gate on the picket fence for tonight,


Tootsie said...

you are so silly!!! I love your writing!

Pat said...

Yes...we all knew you were teasing but it gave some of us (well at least ME) a chance to tease Karen, too! Many of us bloggers joke back and I doubt anyone thought you were actually mad at Karen.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Aww that is too bad anyone thought you were serious! I think all of us that are followers of Karen know she is a fun gal and would take it in the same fun spirit you intended. Just as many of our comments were meant in the same spirit.

lilsista said...

Anyone who couldn't hear the humorous tone in your writing just doesn't have a sense of humor and needs to lighten up! I love reading your blog because of your sense of humor! Keep smiling!

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I just read all of your posts, and even though I've never met you or Mrs. Farmhouse, I could still tell you were joking.

I love reading what you don't have to say! :-)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry - Karen seems to have an excellent sense of humor and I didn't see anything negative in it, just good fun. If she ain't happy, I believe Karen knows where you live! :o) Keep on blogging, you're fun to read! SuzK

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