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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Take a “Look”

Every quilter I know has a look.  Like clothing designers have a look or an artist has a look.  Some might even say that quilters ARE artists.  AMEN, SISTERS!  Wait a minute – wouldn’t gardeners also be artists?  AMEN, SISTERS!   What about woodcrafters?  AMEN, SISTERS!  Homemakers?  (Nah.  How to be creative with dust???)

Back to the “look”.  My look has evolved and yet has never strayed very from my beginning.  I could say that my eyes are so sensitive to color that I cannot deal with the bright ones.  Or I could just say I like “dull”.  More precisely muted colors and even more specifically the antique reproductions from the civil war era.  I love the quirky, off-beat tones and the unusual little patterns in them.  And with the antique-look fabric it’s best to use the old classic quilt block patterns.  And partly because Jo Morton started us down the miniature trail and partly because I already have too many bed sized quilts that don’t see the light of day – I love making miniatures.  All of that is part of the explanation of why I need to collect small bits of the “really good stuff” that is really too awesome to cut into and yet needs to be admired.  SO.O.O.O……I filled a wagon with “some” of my “look”. 

Looky See:

DSC00975Well, it’s just handy to have my toy wagon that I can take with me from room to room when I feel the need. 

Actually, I filled the wagon because I needed to clean my sewing cave (as Karen would say) because the Loose Threads were coming to my house for a sew-sew day.  We were naturally planning to sew some mini-blocks which we could then turn into “Uncle Frank’s Socks”.  Truly.  That’s the name of it.  It’s double 4-patches set on point which then sort of resemble argyle socks.  It’s an old pattern – but it’s classic.  It should end up looking like this:   Uncle Franks Socks 

But, before we get it finished, we had to do this:








 And before we got to sew, my sewing room looked like this:

DSC00970 DSC00973 DSC00976 DSC00977 DSC00979

And before it looked like this, I had to build this cabinet with wire basket storage for my cutting table like this:

DSC00968   DSC00981

And BTW, before I did that, I had to build a couple of these handy-dandy portable ironing boards.  One as a gift and one of course for myself:  


So, back to Loose Threads day, we started about 9:30 (in the morning) and wrapped it all up about 6:00 (in the evening).  In-between those times, we had a wonderful brunch provided by our own Threads  version of Julia Childs, Ms. Karen (not the Mrs. Farmhouse Karen).  The menu was Peaches & Cream French Toast with Sugared Bacon-Wrapped Smokies and I contributed Hot Apple Pie but Without the Crust, Sorta.  (I made it up but it was dang tasty if I do say so myself..)  We really need to work harder to get Karen to write a cookbook – or an entertaining book.  She has served an annual Christmas brunch to a good-size group of neighbor ladies for about the past 30 years.  AND, she has kept the menus and recipes from each year.  AND, Karen is a great cook.  AND a good friend.  Let’s hear it for Karen!!!  Yeah!!

OK, let’s get back to me shall we?  Well, not me exactly.  Loose Threads business, namely, show & tell.  Whoo-hoo!  First up is JT with a finished quilt made from a kit bought several years ago.  The border fabric is all about coffee and the pattern had something about coffee or latte’s in the title.  (we can’t exactly remember.  You know?) 


These next 2 quilts were made by JT’s mother who is I believe well into her 80’s.  A terrific lady who in fact does a lot of sewing and handwork with a great sense of humor.  I want to grow up to be like her.



This next quilt was also made by JT.   Glad someone gets something finished!  I don’t recall the name of this one either – hey, I didn’t make it, I shouldn’t have to know it’s name.  I know my own name.  Usually.  Well.  It’s a great quilt that has an unusual feature.  The flower stems are raw edges and sewn with 1 seam down the middle so they fray.  Very cool JT.


Neecie brought a top to show because it would probably be quilted & given away before our meeting.  It’s for her granddaughter who is 3 (or maybe she’s 4.  could be 5.  I don’t think she’s 6.  Let’s just say she’s not a baby anymore, ok?)  It’s really a wonderful quilt and I am positive any young girl would love it.  It’s just not “my” look, nor is it Neecie’s “look”.  Always harder to work on something you don’t love and I know that Neecie has started and stopped working on this several times.  But it is really cute.  Don’t you agree?  I know it is a Buggy Barn pattern.


I only had wood stuff to show and I think I’ve already shown all that to you.  (lucky you!!  LOL) 

OK, I’m stalling.  I have a lot of things I should be doing and I can’t concentrate very well so I thought I’d write here.  My hubs & I are leaving tomorrow for Minneapolis and the Univ. of Minnesota.  On Monday morning I will have surgery #3 on my leg that broke in 2008.  While I don’t know all of the things that can go wrong, I do know quite a few of them.  And most of them were bad.  To say I’m nervous is an understatement.  But when I get back home I’m just positive I will be on the right road to recovery.  And on the bright side, I already own my own canes, crutches, walker and shower stool.  Threw away the compression socks.  Damm.  Bet they give me new ones!!  Do they come in plaid?  (I don’t look good in stripes)



Pat said...

Faye, good thoughts are coming your way - I hope the surgery goes well. I too am a big fan of Jo Morton - love her quilts.

Pat in Texas

Carol said...

Faye, lots and lots of good thoughts coming your way for a very successful surgery and a quick recovery. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful show and tell from the Loose Threads. You all have an amazing group.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are with you - your posts are a riot - always look forward to them. Dori

Linda said...

Hi Faye.......good wishes coming your way for a speedy recovery from your surgery.
If I were closer I would bring you a casserole!
Boy oh boy do I love your sewing room I could just move right in there...........I see there is a TV there too. How far is it from the kitchen?
"Uncle Franks Socks" quilt speaks to me....... I really like it. I'll have to look for that one. I was thinking of trying some of Jo's miniature quilts.
Take care,

yellowfarmhouse said...

Hey Uncle Franks Socks is actually one quilt I've gotten done, lol. You shouldn't have said such nice things about me - oh that's right you were talking about the other Karen - well she's a peach to - does that make me sounds like I think I'm a peach as well, LOL - moving on from that one sister. Love the show and tell - you threads are always showing wonderful stuff. You know we need a get together with the peeps and the threads - that would be such fun. You know I Luv Ya and will be thinking about you in the next few days. I'm coming over when you get home, so be prepared :).

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse XOXO

Quilt Hollow said...

Wishing you a quick recovery after the surgery!! Your group looks like a fun bunch and oh gosh..those little blocks are adorable!!

Chris said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a complete cure! I know your friends will take good care of you. And thanks for the fun pictures. :-)

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for sharing your sewing room and Loose Threads...loved all of it! Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery...God Bless!

Kristi said...

Best of luck tomorrow, Mom. I wish I could be there with you, or at least to come and cook for you. I love you.


Holly said...

Praying that everything goes well tomorrow, that you get a good nights rest and have a speedy recovery. I think a nice recliner in your sewing room would be good...with a tv, mini fridge and microwave of course!!!! Love the room and aren't you so creative?!!! The ironing tables are sooooo cute! What a clever idea!
Now, on to the Loose Threads...why have I not heard this name before??? Too cute!!!!
My girlfriend made the flower, Buggy Barn quilt and it is so cute too. On my project list!!
Imagine me arriving on your doorstep with a steaming pot of soup, fresh homemade bread, a little sweet and of course delivered in a darling basket wrapped in a small quilt, which you could keep!! That is what I'd like to do, but can't, which is why I had you imagine it!!!!!
Happy Healing!!

bingo~bonnie said...

Looks like you are so blessed to have such great friends to get together for a sewing day at your place. What a very nice room you have! And I love "your look" ;)

Good luck on your surgery, I like your outlook - that by the time you come home you'll be on the right road to recovery. Please know that we will all be remembering you in our prayers.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Jan said...

Prayers that the surgery went well Faye and that your recovery is fast as lightening! I still recommend "milking" it for all it's worth tho :) Love what you did w/that little red wagon! Ingenious!!!! And whow oh whow on your lovely sewing room :) Get well fast my dear so you can mosey on in there and enjoy yourself. God's Speed!

Lurline said...

Love your little 4-patch quilt, Faye - love your blog - hope all has gone well with the surgery and that you are recuperating nicely!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Karen said...

Ouch! Hope your surgery has gone well. I am still recuperating from my knee surgery from early December and it isn't fun.

The argyle sock thing. It does look like that. What a fun, fun day it must have been. And the menu sounds delicious. I think your friend should at least make a little cookbook of the recipes from the last 30 years for her friends!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Hi Faye,
I'm so behind in my reading. I hope you're recovering well from your surgery. I'm sure you made everyone in the hospital smile with your wonderful sense of humor. I loved seeing the quilts and all the fun you had with your group.