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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do YOU have a plan???

I plan to discuss the Wooly Girls “meeting”.  As I’ve told you before, I use the term “meeting” very, very loosely.  When people get together and talk, it’s a meeting, isn’t it?  Let’s go with that. 

We had a productive Wooly meeting yesterday.  We’re not always productive but we have made a resolution to become more so.  We sewed bindings yesterday for QOV.  Let me give you some background. 

QOV is Quilts of Valor.  It is a national organization committed to presenting our wounded soldiers with a quilt upon their return from war.   One of the 3 organizers of our local chapter is one of the Wooly Girls!  Miss Penny is our hero (as are non-Wooly Girls Ms. Gail and Ms. Paulette).  They meet once a month at the local mall where they have been given space to set up shop and leave their equipment all the time.    Ladies just drop in as they wish and can cut or sew or press or sew bindings – whatever.  But those 3 gals keep everything organized. 

Grab a Kleenex ‘cuz this will touch  you – one of our friends has a son who returned from the war and was given a quilt.  A short time later, our friend asked him where his quilt was.  Well, a soldier buddy of his had also returned and not yet received a quilt so he gave him his quilt “because, Mom, he needed it more than I do.”  This is the part where we all grabbed the Kleenex – we were all bawling like babies.  (He will be receiving another quilt!!!)

Continuing with the story – our local chapter of QOV as well as a neighboring town have been invited to take a bus  in May along with 400 of their finished quilts to Ft. Knox where they will have the opportunity to present some of those quilts to wounded soldiers on an individual basis.  Do you think there will be any dry eyes?  

So now you know the QOV story (condensed version) and now it should make sense to  you why we were sewing bindings yesterday at Wooly Girls.   We were able to finish up 3 quilt bindings.  In order to help the gals reach their goal of 400, we’ll be sewing at my house in 2 weeks for an all-day session.  I can’t wait.

A little show & tell to report – darn little really.  We (some of us anyway) are in a slump.  But Mrs. Farmhouse was working on a couple stitcheries that are just too dang cute!!



And our ever versatile Ms. Jean showed us a really darling sweater vest with a hood that she knit for a niece.  How cute is that?


Ms. Penny put us to shame with a quilt she made just because she wanted to.  Didn’t know we could make & keep!  Or, wait, maybe she’ll be giving it to me for some reason.  No??? 


This morning the trees in our yard looked like this: 

DSC01051  DSC01050

Once the sun came out, it was a great day.  We went over 20 degrees F. and you could just feel spring in the air.  I’m not kidding you southern people – it felt balmy.  It’ll be quite a while before spring actually arrives but at least we now have HOPE. 

Just had to throw in a shot of Mr. Baxter helping Mr. Picket Fence blow snow from the driveway.  He’s awfully good help – & I’m awfully glad to get them both  out of the house.



Now I’m going to tell you my “plan”.  The Mr. & I will pop over to Florida next Month to watch some spring training baseball games featuring “our” team, the Minnesota Twins.  In a previous blog, I told you about the (non)relationship I have with my favorite player on the Twins roster – Joe Mauer.  Here’s a picture of Joe’s reaction last summer when I waved my hanky and hello’d him.


What do you mean, you can’t see his reaction?  Well, you weren’t there and I saw what I saw.  Maybe it was, I saw what I wanted to see.  In any case, the stadium in Florida only seats 7,500.  Very intimate.  So I’m  hoping to resume my relationship with Joe.  I did mention to Mr. Picket Fence that maybe I have a couple too many years and a couple too many pounds on me to do a good job of attracting Joe’s attention or any of the other ball players.  How am I going to make this work, I asked him?  He solemnly replied, “get him drunk”.  Well, dang.  Why didn’t I   think of that?  Now I have a plan. 

Wish me luck.

Ms. Faye


my3Kitties said...

you made me laugh with that response...get him drunk, good one! i want to be there for that, seriously not, but you'll have to let me know if it works!! LOL

Pat said...

Faye,enjoy your trip and not too much flirting with Joe! LOL

Love the new look on the home page.

Pat in Texas

Maggey and Jim said...

Soak up that sun and watch out for that ball!!!!!!!!!

Marie said...

The quilts your group are making is such a wonderful thing. A friend of mine at church left on Thursday going up to Walter Reed because her grandson was being flown there from Germany. He was shot in the upper leg in Afghanistan last weekend. He is in all our prayers. I hope that being brought to Walter Reed is not going to be really bad news. I really like your stitchery.
PS: Glad you have the snow and not us. This is the first weekend in four weeks that we have not had snow. It is actually going to be around 65 this afternoon.

Jan said...

The "Wooley's Rock!" Oh and you're heading to my neck of the woods! I'm thinking that Spring Practice might be in Vero Beach??? Travel safely and enjoy some of our gorgeous SFL weather :)

Holly said...

You women are amazing! What a wonderful gift to those who give to all of us everyday. I can't think of a better reason to quilt than that!!

I'm glad you'll be getting out of the snow for awhile and I could tell that Joe is really looking forward to your visit too!!

As much as you guys are sick of the snow, us folks (me anyway) are lamenting the fact that we haven't had any!!!! We actually mowed the lawn this weekend and got the raspberries all tied up and looking pretty. I have even started to weed, even though I don't want to! If I don't get started it will be out of control, but I dred the fact that I will be weeding for the next 7 months. It is beautiful here though!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You are definitely a heartier gal than I am! 20 degree weather would be sooooo cold too me :-) I loved your little story about getting Joe's attention. Have fun on your trip!