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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Apparently my husband has been using MY computer.  I only know this because he must have been reading the local newspaper on-line and every section he read opened a new window.  So I was going through closing windows and discovered he’d read the page that shows who has been arrested and thrown in the clink.  (Small town.  Big news.  You know.)  So I’m trying to think of a reason why he would be interested.  Was he afraid he’d see himself there?  Well that’s a big NO, unless you can be arrested because you haven’t kept up with the times and don’t know how to fire up a computer.  It wouldn’t be to check on the children because ours are obviously above average (grin) as well as kind to small animals.  Well, they are!

So I’m scrolling down the page and the more I see, the more frightened I’m getting.  Had there been children in the room, I’d have covered their eyes.  I didn’t even have to read the charges against some of them.  They deserved to be arrested for their bad hair.  Seriously, if I know someone is pointing a camera at me, I at least TRY to fluff my hair a little.  Don’t you?  Some of the “clients” look sad or mad or sleepy or, or, or, drunk!  Yes, indeed.  Some of them even look startled.  Like they are surprised to be there?  But the best picture of all was a young man with a mile-wide smile (not smirk) on his face.  I mean even his eyes look happy.  It’s like he just won the lottery or something, and frankly, if you’re in jail I don’t think lottery is what I’d be thinking.  But I really am happy that he’s happy.  It’s always good to have a positive attitude, don’t you think?   

Well then.  Onward and upward.  Let’s see.  I dedicate this first set of pictures to all my friends who feel deprived because they don’t have all that beautiful snow to look at.  I’ve heard of such places such as Texas, Florida, Australia and many, many more who have bleak, snow-less yet sun-filled winters.  Enjoy!  But you’d better not be laughing! 


I needed a path to the birdfeeders so my Mr. is making me one with the walk-behind snow blower.  Isn’t that a nice, clean trail?   


DSC01821You might notice that he’s pushing down on the handles so the front end goes up to reach the snow.  It didn’t work, the snow was too deep for the snow blower.  He did later go in with the tractor & blower and made a path.  Which is not to say that I can feed the birds without getting my boots full of snow.


If you park at my DIL’s clinic in town (or anywhere else in town), you might see the above as you park…….

or you might see the below from my living room window……


Let me repeat myself.  If I hear any of you laughing at our snow pictures, I’m going to truck it on over to your yard!  Don’t think I won’t.

The next couple pictures are Crap I’ve Made:

 DSC01824A cedar wood birdhouse with a side handle for cleaning and a pile of pillows – wool of course!



Now it’s Prairie Woman’s Sewing Circle…the first quilt is called at Mama’s Knee by Ms. Gail, Ms. Joan and Ms. Denise (smaller of course)

Gail Brennen



Dueling Quilters (below)

DSC01840You know, Ms. Gail & Ms. Denise are normally very reserved in their demeanor.  I just happened to catch them when they were both talking at the same time.  It’s probably never happened before.  And the sun probably rises in the west!  I’m just sayin’.

DSC01841Isn’t this a great quilt?  Mary Ellen whipped this up one evening.  I would think it would take longer than that to make.  Maybe it was one month.  Oh, heck, I don’t know how long it took.  I do know that it was a stunner.  

DSC01842Speaking of stunners, Ms. Joan showed this awesome little number.  For as much as she heckles the teacher in class, perhaps this would make a nice gift to the teacher as a show of genuine, heartfelt appreciation?  Think about it Joan.

Moving on to Loose Threads.  This month we decided to make a Cancer quilt.  Quilts don’t get cancer but people do and if a quilt that we’ve made will help someone fighting cancer feel the love & prayers we sewed into the quilt, we’ll be very, very happy.  This quilt already has a home waiting for it so it’s ready to go to the quilter.


Work, work, work.

These are 4 of the 8 suspects making the quilt.  Pretty good for a one day effort.


A little Show & Tell – Denise’s T Blocks,CIMG4430 2 of the 5 pair of slippers Jean made before Christmas.  These are for a mother & daughter.DSC01845


Jean had previously knit some cute little kids caps so she is trying her hand at miniaturizing it to fit an American Girl doll.  Dang cute!

I suppose I’d better go out to the garage and polish the shovels.  It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow & the next day also.  Then for fun, the stupid weatherman said we may enjoy minus 30 degree weather for a bit.  Someone should take out a contract on the weatherman. 




Lorraine said...

No....not laughing here at your snow pics.....I should laugh though and then you would bring some snow and come visit.... it is kinda pretty....but I don't have to live with it..glad you will be getting to the bird feeders so the little guys won't starve! Thanks for sharing the pics of projects done..I don't have snow or any finishes for the year yet....I am not sure our weather people are bringing very good news to parts of our country either!

Erin said...

Not complaining about our snow...not complaining about our snow. (At least ours keeps melting a bit!)

The stuff you've made is beautiful...truly. As for the quilts, the slacker in me feels totally humbled by them. They're all so amazing.

Pat said...

I really feel for you people up there with all that snow. I have been there and done that - NOT FUN.
I guess the summer weather in Texas is the trade off. Your projects are beautiful. Stay warm and don't loose your wonderful sense of humor!

Holly said...

Faye, you crack me up!!!!

I lOVE the snow pics!!!! We had a lovely storm the night before last...about 5" and by the next morning it had started raining:( Hardly anything left. I wish we could just have a snowy week, just to enjoy it a little bit!! Of course, EVERything shuts down here if there's even talk about snow. We can't handle it like you can!!!

Love all the quilty pictures! You ladies accomplish so much. I can hardly make it to my sewing room. And if I do get there I can't decide what to work on. And if I do decide, it's taken me so long that it's time for bed!!! The cirlce of my life!!!!

Stay cozy and have a cup of cider for me!!

katie said...

Good Grief you really did get the snow. We had maybe 4 inches. But it has been extremely cold.
Your little wool projects are just to cute and so is the bird house.
I love the quilt Mama's Knee.Actually they are all great quilts. I love the little slippers they look needle felted. Did the hat fit the American girl doll. Sweet.

Donna said...

As usual, all the quilts are very pretty! It looks like y’all have quite a grand time when you get together, and that my friend is really neat!

It looks like your dueling quilters are saying, “Mines bigger.”

“No, mine is!”

“No it’s not!”

“Yes, it is!” and so forth and so on until they finally agree that they are the same size but what do I know!

I’ve got to tell you that I used to live in a small town and I MAY HAVE read the column in their paper about who was thrown in the slammer. MAY HAVE. I’m not saying that I did or that I didn’t or that I still look at it online but I do admit to living in a very a small town for a long time. Draw your own conclusions. I do read their obituaries. You did have me wondering about the guy with the giant smile. If he was in a foggy state of mind, perhaps he thought it was a Glamour Shot!

Thank you so very much for your gorgeous snow pics! Oh how I loved seeing them! I would never laugh AT YOUR PICTURES but I do laugh at your wonderful and priceless way of explaining things! I learned another new weather term too--”snow blower.” I thought it was maybe a giant electronic shovel or that you were tilling the land a little early. I know nothing about snow blowers but it sounds like the snow can’t be too high for it to work properly? Have you considered buying a steam roller?

I love the CRAP YOU MADE! The birdhouse is very cool and so are the pillows. I think the snowman and mitten pillows are my favorites. I’ll bet you whipped them up in no time too! I have a closet full of pillow forms that I got ON SALE about three years ago but I’ve never made a pillow in my life! I probably need to attempt that one of these days. I’m just afraid I’ll start out to make a pillow and end up with a maternity blouse or something. And I don’t know how to make a blouse either so you see where I’m coming from here? No wait! I just remembered! I did make a pillow four or five years ago (a kinda long pillow) but I didn’t use a pillow form. I basically stuffed a fat quarter with pieces of batting, and closed one end with random stitches and buttons. I think that was when I learned that a pillow form might just work a little better! Who knew!


P.S. Like Katie above, I thought the slippers were needle felted too.

Wendy K said...

OOOooo I Love me some Miss Faye!!
Am I far enough away to say that I Love your snow too??? ;)
We're really wimpy here in the UK, more than a couple of inches and the entire counry comes to a grinding halt...we should have some of your snow THEN we'd know what SNOW was!
You could probably make mega bucks hiring out your hubby with his snow-blowing machine to clear out our wimpy snow! hahaha(you;d have to come a senior supervisory position of course)
Love your little woolly pillows but your quilty friends are just tooooooo good for me.... I'm feeling very you think you could have an 'Oooops I made a Booop' show and tell? It would make me feel soooo much better...hehehee!
Love ya Wendy x

Anne said...

Wow, that's alot of snow. I thought we got alot. Ours is almost gone since our temps have warmed in the 40's with rain. Love all the projects, especially the little wool pillows. So cute.
Great post as always!

suz said...

I'm certainly not laughing at your snow pictures! Whatever snow is left (after dropping most of it there) heads to New England and we've had extremely cold weather, so it's staying. That being said, they are predicting a snow, rain, sleet, ice storm for Tuesday night-so who knows what we'll get next! I do love the "crap" you build and make. You and your buds are all very talented!

Kristi said...

I read this post a while back, and I thought, "Gee, those are some REALLY cute slippers! I sure wish those were mine." Well, here's the funny thing. My daughter and I now have matching slippers...and they look identical to those in your picture! We are lucky lucky girl and I! :)

Marie said...

Now, do not call your work crap! I have a wonderful little pillow that you made and I was lucky enough to win. Loved the story about the Mr. and computer--thank goodness it was not porno! Ha! We have had our share of snow but nothing like you. Our beaches had a beautiful snow yesterday and we may get some on this coming Tuesday. I am about ready for Spring and sitting on the screen porch.
Always love what you have to say!

donna said...

Faye, I've missed your sense of humor and need to visit here more often.

Those quilts are all pieces of art, gorgeous...every one of them.

Hope the birds appreciate the effort that you and Mr. put into feeding them.

Don't you hate it when snow gets down in your boots?

Happy day to you. donna

Karen said...

The wool cushions are cute as can be. I don't know why wool appeals so much to me but it surely does.

Willow Lake Stitches said...


Since I am also buried in snow, I have been enjoying your blog ! I totally relate about the DH snowblowing a path ! Mine has blowed paths to the mailbox, paths to the shop, paths to the garden ( so we can toss the scraps, you know..( cooking scraps, not quilting ! ! ) Anyway, he likes to have some control over the snow, I think, and this is the closest he can get..

Love your quilts and wool work, and birdhouse ! was looking at a previous post, and can you tell me where the pattern came from for your Christmas Tree Skirt? It kinda looks like Buggy Barn, but is it ? what is the name ? I'd appreciate it of you had time to let me know.

Thanks so much for sharing on your blog, you have a real talent for the pics and the writing !

....and you did an awesome job of decorating !

Beth (from COLD North Dakota... where it is supposed to be almost 50 degrees warmer tomorrow ! )

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

I really like your pillows and would like to know more about them.