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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tables & Tales

In my last post I wrote about the Tour of Tables I was involved with.  Now that I’ve had time to look through and sort out pictures I thought you might like to see some tables.  They were so awesome this year.  Wonderful job everyone!

This Dr. Seuss table was my favorite:



All of them really were wonderful:








































We’ve used children’s books as table themes for the past 2 years.  I have a couple ideas percolating in my brain for next year but I’d really like to tap into your creativeness.  What ideas do you have for our event’s theme?

What a wonderful, glorious day it was yesterday. Not only was it “Woolies” day, but it was sunny, warm and a gentle breeze and NO BUGS! I keep pinching myself because after all, it is only April. In Minnesota. A little early in the year for an afternoon on the deck.  It seems that Ms. Jean always orders & receives perfect weather when we’re at her house.  Does that mean we go to her house every month? 

I think and I think and then I even think some more trying to remember all the funny stuff that comes out of a Woolie gathering. It’s hard for Faye.

Let’s see, there was the story about driving to a granddaughter’s baptism with her mother, mother-in-law and young daughter (like 30 years young.) Oh, wait, I can’t tell that one. Honestly, it was HILARIOUS! Don’t worry, I laughed enough for you too.

And husband stories are always good – and generally universal. There’s the self-confident husband with the muscles and manly swagger. Sadly, said husband would appreciate an appropriately awe-struck reaction from his wife. Can you spell f.a.k.e. response? I think all women should be given a cheat-sheet along with the marriage license that explains about faking – in whatever form is needed. ahem. When I started writing this blog, my hubs made me promise to never mention him. Which is fine, except now I can’t tell you THAT story. Bummer.

Oh, what was that story someone told about lubrication? No.o.o.o.o, it didn’t have anything to do with husbands. Sheesh. Gutters – out of!! Ms. Jo has a niece (daughter, cousin, aquaintance, whatever) that didn’t want to eat a plain sandwich. It needs “lubrication”. Like mayonaise or mustard. Gotcha.

Here’s one I can repeat. Ms. Penny had a great story about kids. Seems her young granddaughter caught a small tap on the bottom the other day. You know how that works – it’s just a method to get their attention, not to hurt them – at all. So Penny filled us in on her philosophy when her boys were little and did something for which she had to get their attention with a tap on the bottom. They would say why does Tommy-Johnny-Timmy get to do that and I can’t? Here’s the good part – she would say “because I love you too much to let you turn out rotten”! Would that all kids were loved that much.

Here’s a little show & tell from today -

DSC02971Ms. Jean showed us a couple bowls she’d turned using burls. My photography leaves a lot to be desired but this 1st picture is taken from above looking straight down at it. It has some very awesome figurations & splits.


This one is a shallow bowl that has the bark on the outside edges. Both were SO BEAUTIFUL!

DSC02973More from Ms. Jean – here are 2 of the latest outfits for her American Girl doll. Actually, the vest & mini-skirt oneDSC02974 now belongs to me as a gift for my Olivia. Shhhh.

Don’t tell her.

DSC02975Next up is Ms. Karen showing 2 wool blocks that are part of a BOM from Primitive Gatherings. I fell in love with them.DSC02976

I REALLY want to order this series. I have a little trouble convincing myself that I would complete it. I must stop “collecting”.

And the one thing that always happens at Woolies. Lunch. A recipe I found on Pinterest for lemon bars. Light and refreshing for Spring and best of all – no calories! Hopefully.


I need to get outside now and play in the dirt.  It’ll be our last really nice day for a while so I don’t want to waste it.



Karen said...

LOL - and you know what I'm talking about :).

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

Lorraine said...

Oh so what goes on at Woolies...stays at Woolies!

Karen said...

The table themes intrigue me. Some creative ideas there.

Donna said...

I loved the Tour of Tables! Now I know what it feels like to be on tour. I feel like a giant rock star except that I didn't do any singing. Thank goodness for that! I probably would have melted your entire blog page right off the internet! Oh but, as usual, I digress!

All of the tables were so creative and cute! I think Charlie the Ranch Dog and Dr. Seuss were my favorites though. I can never resist a cute pup, and the cake, banner, and giant polka dots won me over on the Dr. Seuss table.

I have some theme suggestions. How about a cartoon, TV show, or zoo animals theme? I'm curious as to what your ideas are? Do you get to pick the theme or is it a group effort?

What a fun bunch of Woolies you all are--food, laughter, outdoors, and sharing projects. How wonderful! Ms. Jean's bowl is so very cool, and Ms. Karen's heart block was my favorite of her two blocks! Did you consider bringing one (or all) of those tables with you to share? Tee-hee-hee!

Have a great day and take care Faye,

Probuild Technologies said...

Wow, i love the idea of table arrangement! Great post!