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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A promise is a promise–or is it?

If you make a promise to someone but later don’t even remember you made the promise – are you obligated to keep the promise?  Well I didn’t think so either.  My sweetie pie says that when I started this blog he made me promise to never write about him.  I REALLY don’t remember that promise. 


The other day I was folding clothes in our new laundry area (hmmmm, I should post pictures of that).  As I was saying, I was folding clothes on the counter which is in front of a window.  My sweetie pie was helping – translate that to mean he was standing there watching me fold clothes.  It was a rare moment of bonding and conversation (oh, boy).  I paused for a sip of coffee – he reached up to the curtain valance and said “something new”?  Dang, that coffee came flying out of my mouth before I could stop it.  You have to picture this in your mind ‘cuz I sure don’t have a photo of me hopping around choking and laughing until there were tears.  When I calmed down enough to talk I told him that those curtains have been there well over 10 years.  I know that for sure because I put them up when I painted the room and I remember our youngest son helping me paint the ceiling – he’ll be 30 this fall.  HELLO?  Yikes, does that scare ya or what?  Do y’all have sweeties that are somewhat --- oblivious?  I surely hope I don’t have the only one.  Of course it works to my advantage sometimes too.  Like when I do buy something new, he has no clue if it’s new or been there 10 years.  (you gotta take your victories where you can)

I downloaded some pictures from my camera tonight and realized that I have a lot of sharing to do.  It’s been a busy month for Faye but I’m hoping I can just coast for a while now.  Loose Threads met at my house in May and it was extra special because it was the first time our friend Carole had been able to join us after a nasty-bad car accident while they were in Georgia in March.  She’s had surgery and more to come.  Carole’s currently wheelchair bound but it was such a joy to have her here!  We even managed to enjoy much of the afternoon outside on the deck.  Ms. Lori was the only one with show & tell this time but oh, my, she did it up well!  Let me show you ----





Doesn’t this just knock your socks off?

Check out this quilting:SB_1707494810

One section up close:


OMG – there’s more.  This is the BACK!


Believe it or not, this little cutie was also made by Ms. Lori. 

Notice a difference in style?????


A week after Loose Threads, I hosted Woolies at my house.  Again, it was slim pickin’s on the show & tell but here’s what I’ve got:

A little bit of cuteness from Ms. Karen:

DSC03017which she’s sending off to the quilter.  I just love it and asked her to make me up a kit.  I’ll keep waiting I guess.  Probably have to wait a long time.  Well, hey.  If it’s easier for you Karen to just give me the darn thing……………………..

Moving on to the ONLY OTHER SHOW & TELL (sheesh, we are seriously lacking in motivation here) – Ms. Jolene brought out her garage sale find.  Can you imagine putting this on a garage sale?  Seriously.  It was in pristine condition, no stains, no worn spots.  What a deal for Ms. supershopper.


We were short 2 people at Woolies – 1 was sick and 1 was visiting someone sick.  We had to carry on without them and moved the party to my garage.  HUH?  I know, your garage is probably your favorite place to entertain too.  Am I right?  Well, not mine.  Besides, it was 90 degrees that day.  Hot weather just makes me – hot.  Well, I was on a mission to teach the girls how to make hypertufa pots for planting in.  It’s made with cement, peat moss, and perlite and turns into a sorta stone-like looking pot – or trough – or birdbath.  One of the girls started calling it “tofu” and we all like that shorter name, so if you hear me mention tofu, we’re not eating it.  K?  So 5 adult women ( “adult” is used loosly here) are in my hot garage, slinging wet cement.  All we needed was my dog to be in there too jumping around.  He wasn’t there, bless his heart and we managed to get everything hosed down & put away without my precious Baxter(bless his heart).  I don’t have pictures to share as my hards were dirty but I wonder if I didn’t see the National Enquirer lurking about snapping a few shots?

I need to go make dinner now for “he who makes up nonsense promises” so I think I’ll just post this puppy and call it a day.






K'sKronicles said...

Lovin that first quilt...OMG! Love the colors! Faye...your not alone on the hubs has no clue area! I go through the same things you shared. Gotta love em, and works to our advantage sometimes:)) Have a great week..K

Valerie said...

WOW, that GFG top is amazing! Wish I had found that steal!!! ;)

Everything is amazing...Lori's first quilt definitely IS a stunner! I love the country/folk art one she did too - that's very much my speed. ;)

Donna said...

I completely relate to your husband oblivion thing! I bought the same kind of bread for at least three years, and one day my husband asked when we started eating that kind of bread. He then proceeded to tell me that he didn't like it!

I love Ms. Lori's quilts! She used my kind of colors! Nice!