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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SPRING! not.

Spring has sprung, no grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is?

DSC03476View from my front door, looking at my shop.  That I can’t get to.

DSC03462My flower garden…….to the leftt of the tree, you can barely see the top of a fence post.  You can’t see any of the fence by the bird feeders.  We also have no trouble reaching the bird feeders 18” off the ground. 

DSC03465Everybody has to eat!

Looks to me like spring might be a little late this year.  And before you say it, I know that winter has gotten long for a lot of folks.  This is my blog tho and I have the right to feel sorry for myself if I want to.  I should be outside getting dirt under my fingernails.  Instead I’m shoveling snow.  Well, I suppose I would shovel but my husband does ……so I watch and cheer him on.  I am a good wife. 

A couple of storms ago, my Mr. and Mr. “almost perfect” doggie, Baxter had to walk from our house to the farm shop to get the tractor with the snowblower.  I actually did watch and had to hold my breath – the snow was thigh-high and you can only imagine how hard it is to walk in that.  He would take a step or two, lose his balance, try to stabilize, take a rest and try again.  Mr. Baxter was jumping straight up in the air in order to get thru the snow.  I’ll tell you, they were both exhausted by the time they hit the shop.  Watching from the house I started to worry that he would fall and not get up – what would I do?  I wouldn’t be able to get to him.  I could call 911 but they can’t get through blocked roads & farm yards full of snow either.  I never did come up with a good solution but thank God I didn’t need to.

Seeing as winter is getting long and boring, I decided to take a couple weeks out of my busy (?) schedule to clean my house.  Oh my.  Who was in here to make a deposit of all that dust & pet hair?  And who was in here and scattered things hither & yon so that I had put things back in their places?  Why do ceiling fans collect dust?  And the tops of window casings?  And curtains? And kitchen cupboards?  Really?  I have to clean everything?  Well, there’s a waste of time, I’m telling you.  But I bit the bullet and got ‘er done.  In that process I felt it was time to put away winter greens and snowmen.  Then I took a look outside – I guess it’s still winter but gosh darn it, I need some spring colors.  Here’s some of the stuff that landed here & there.








I suppose that stuff will get dusty now too.  Can’t catch a break.

Now just because I haven’t written for a while, I’m thinking I should throw in a couple great show & tell pictures.  I’ve been real bad and haven’t always taken my camera.  Bad Faye.  I will do better, I promise.  All the gals I hang out with have too much talent for me not to share with y’all.


These are seasonal wool scenes that Jean mounts on the crazy patch piece.

DSC03450Twin size 30’s quilt.  Now you only have to make 3 more Ms. Denise.  Yikes.


Oh, remember how I was whining about all the snow?  Well, how would you like these 2 he-men to come shovel?

Carhartt Boys-001

My son & grandson

I remember one of the first posts I wrote told about how excited I was to be having a good hair day.  I want you to know that it happened again the other day.  Per usual when that happens – and obviously, it can be several years between – I was at home all day and no one came to the door.  WHY?  It’s such a waste not to be able to share my gloriousness with the world.  Or at least with some hunky guy.  (sorry Mr. Picket Fence). 

I also used to talk about “my Joe”.  You know, a baseball player for the Twins.  He’s a cutey-patootey and real handy with a baseball too.  Apparently, I have been dropped like a hot potato as he got married this winter and NOW I find out he & his new Mrs. are going to have twins!  If I wasn’t so dis-heartened about losing “my Joe”, I’d say how cool is that?  A MN Twins player having Twins?  Sign ‘em up!

Ms. Faye












julieQ said...

Love your plaid quilt draped across the door of your cabinet...yum!! Sorry about you and Joe breaking up...Joe's loss!

Melanie said...

I totally agree---I'm so ready for spring. my snowmen are tucked away though there is two feet of snow outside. Love your quilts things.....

Holly said...

Glad to have you back!
Oh, my...that's a lot of snow! Hard to imagine all the storms you've had. We had snow for 3 hours on Christmas day and that's it. When you don't have it, you miss it a bit...maybe because ours never stays around for more than a few days.
Spring in the PNW...I need to mow...I've hung my clothes out 3 or 4 times now...the weeds are growing as fast as the lawn...Rain...Sun...Rain...Rain...
more rain!!!!
I've done the little snow globe this year it!
Your grandson is adorable!!
Have a great week!

suz said...

we got 14 inches of snow Tuesday and today is the first day of Spring! I'm all for getting that groundhog and making groundhog stew! Love the photo of your grandson - those coveralls are adorable!