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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michaelangelo's "David"

My title today is kind of a trick. Basically, Michaelangelo's famous statue of David is as opposite from my stone work as you can get!! On the plus side, it doesn't take me nearly as long to make my "sculpture" and if it breaks, I can just say "Here, honey, just add this to the rock pile". (This is a farm - do you think we don't have a rock pile? Seriously.)

This is supposed to look like a porous rock but is man-made and much lighter than rock. It's called Hypertufa. It's made with a mix of portland cement, peat moss, perlite and water. I made this bird bath last fall - shortly before I began a new flower bed which was shortly before "the incident". (Don't ask - I won't tell.) ANYWAY, I started by digging a hole in the ground of the size I wanted the bird bath to be. I stirred up the mixture like a witch's brew until it was the consistency of oatmeal. Yum. Then I started filling in the hole. I use a skinny twig to measure the thickness as it's best to have it 1 to 2" thick. I did not want this to be smooth and I did not want it to have even edges. Then I covered it and walked away for at least a week. Then just pull it out of the ground and ta da - it's a bird bath. See what you think:

Yes I know the water in there is dirty. I cleaned it immediately after I took the picture just to see if you're paying attention....

The next picture shows the underside of the bird bath:

And this is the bird bath sitting on a tree stump in my bird garden. Son #2 is bringing me a more appropriate sized stump. Isn't he a good boy?

Now on to current events. We had our monthly gathering last week of "The Woolies". It was the most perfect day to spend at JM's very lovely lake home. She has a large patio facing the lake which also has very nice shade. It was a mid-70 degree day. It doesn't get any better than that.
JM served us a delish lunch of chicken salad on croissants. The salad had dried cherries in it. It was so yummy. We just added accessories to our plates and headed back out to the patio.

Our Ms. Jean always has something to show and this month she'd just gotten this quilt back from the quilter. It was a Country Threads pattern and she used all Civil War repro's. It'll be perfect on a table. Wait a minute - wouldn't it look great on MY table??

Here are a couple things from the New Leaf Stitches pattern company (aka Kari). Kari had vended at Paducah this year and these were a couple new things she showed:

Remember the gal who hosted us? Well, she's the same person who made 17 - yes, 17 - quilts for her daughter's wedding party. The wedding is later this month. There is no grass growing beneath JM's feet, let me tell you.
These are some of the girl quilts:

These are some guy quilts:

All those quilts are just wonderful but hold onto your hats for a picture of the brides' quilt:

Obviously, if it hadn't been for JM, it would have been one of our smaller show & tells. I'm thinking I might do something by next month. Even if it's wrong.
Ms. Faye


Pat said...

Love your blog. Your posts are always soooo funny. Love them!

Tootsie said...

that bird bath is fabulous!!! I too think you are hilarious!
now about that

Marcia said...

I'm enjoying your blog. Those quilts are beautiful. I want to be part of that wedding party :-)

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a great birdbath! Do you need to use a specific ratio of those ingredients to make the Hypertufa? I am sure I won't be the only inquiring mind who wants to know. At least I hope I am not the only nosey one!!

and you really have me wondering about the incident....

Susannah said...

You make me laugh right out loud. Thank you. Everybody needs to laugh. I love the birdbath. Perfect for a country garden!

Incident? Incident? Tell us!

Carrie ~ said...

Love your bird bath, OK you can never have to many and do I see a tutorial coming......I'm just askin.... You are a stinker teasin us with "the incident".....
What a quilt show, I love the wedding quilts, they all make me feel like sewing for days too. Very generous heartfelt gifts, love the brides quilt with the x's and o's.
Have a great weekend girlie.

lilsista said...

Hey! Great bird bath!!! I'd love to try that some time...if I knew the ingredients you're talking about that is :0) ... I wish I was part of that wedding party!...All I ever got from the weddings I've been a part of were 2 ugly dresses (one maternity) and a husband! :0) Just to clarify...the maternity one came after the husband :0) ! Hope you have a great day! Smiles! :0)

Gayle said...

I've had hypertufa projects on my list for AGES, but have yet to even attempt them. Your bird bath is a unique piece and you did a great job on it. Did you place a container into the cement while it was drying to make the indented bowl?

Kristi said...

Tell JM I think those quilts are quite awesome! Haven't had a new quilt in this house for a long time. hint hint!