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Friday, July 31, 2009

Observations on Life

Today I was at the clinic to have my blood drawn.  The tech asked for my name & birthdate – you know the drill.  Naturally, I cheerfully complied.  BUT, I ASKED HER, what if I had dementia & didn’t know the answer???  Good question she said.  I’ll need to find that out.  Now with my “off the chart intelligence” (hold your horses.  I didn’t say which direction off the chart, now did I?  I’m thinking sideways…), I just figure that if I had dementia, I wouldn’t be there alone, now would I?  So anyway, the tech is 1/2 way into sucking my blood when she said “will you tell me your name & birthdate?”  Oh,ha, ha, ha – isn’t she the funny one?  We decided that if she had dementia she might as well go home for the day and tomorrow she’d forget to come back.  By that time the job was done.  I guess she “forgot” my boo-boo bandaid and lollipop…….

Today is Fertilizer Friday.  Here’s what I’ve got:


Oh for pete’s sake.  How did that picture from the Duluth Rose Garden get in here?  It’s tough to get a good picture when it’s raining like cats & dogs.  Am now wondering what else it could rain like.  My Mom had another expression which I’m not going to share because truthfully, it sounded very racist.  (You know which one I mean don’t you Jean?)  I don’t think she meant it to be.  Still, her saying never made any more sense than raining cats & dogs.  Let me know if there are other expressions.  So now maybe if I kill enough time writing this, I can still snap a bloom or 2 before dark. Regardless, I want you to hop on over to Tootsies to view some wonderful gardens.

Here’s what I could find after “the big wind” and .3” of rain:DSC00385






  DSC00373 DSC00380DSC00388

























   Isn’t summer great?  There’s something new every day in the garden.  Besides mosquitoes. 


So when everything is ship-shape and tip-top in the garden (grin), it’s time to head to the shed.  Stacks of lumber.  Mountains of tools.  1 or 2 ideas.  Let’s get creating.  Guess what it is.

I cut 4 of these:


  DSC00349 Mark 15 degree angles.  Yes I know there are better protractors out there but this is what $1 will buy……








Miter gauge set at 15 degrees.  (I like to draw the line as a double-check of the angle.

DSC00354  This tilts the saw blade to 15 degrees for all the top & bottom edges.  Now I have 4 boards with sides, tops & bottoms cut at 15 degrees. 







Have you figured out what it is?  Of course.  It’s a fairly useless, oddly shaped box!

DSC00355 DSC00358

Without a bottom and now with a bottom!!!!  (I really look ahead, don’t I?)



But wait, there’s more.  How about a handle? DSC00359











Now we’re cookin’.  Skip past adding feet, sanding, staining, painting and you will have this:












Mr. Picket Fence said I didn’t do a very good job painting it.  Excuse me?

OBSERVATION:  It’s never a good idea to mix a mostly white dog with rich, moist, heavy black soil:


That’s our Baxter.  To know him is to love him we like to say.  We also like to say we’re young & beautiful…..

Wish I had more time to say nothing about the block of the month wool project I’m doing for Farmhouse Woolens, but it will have to wait for another day.  I also have nothing to say about Baxter and of course there will be nothing to say about the Loose Threads gathering next week. 




lilsista said...

You are a girl after my own heart...are you sure you didn't give birth to me and just forgot?...You know...the dimentia??? I'm sure we are related have the craftiest little ideas...imagine what we could make if we got together? ... Hmmmmmm.... anyways...loved your post as usual:0)! I hope you have a great day....Smiles :0)!

Kristi said...

I heard that saying about the rain many times from Grandma. I wonder how that sounded coming out of a small child's mouth? In fact, I think I just may have a letter from her with that saying! Your clematis are beautiful. Mine are dead. Again. And I'm wondering what you're gonna do with that dresser in your wood shop? Those green knobs look suspiciously familiar!

Tootsie said...

well now you just knocked my dirty socks off! that box rocks!! Hey I am clever enough to rhyme tonight!!!! hee hee I love love love it! Now...if that is all you could dig should be my neighbor!!! I think your flowers are outstanding sunshine!!! As usual your post is hilarious, and your descriptions are right on the money! thanks for linking in today!!! I love visiting your blog!

Kindra said...

Oooohhh, I just love your new basket! What a wonderful team you guys make! It's simply perfect!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

That is what it is called? Dememntia? I thought it was CRS - Can't Remember Sh - I mean Stuff! Sometimes if I can remember to, I call it Mentalpause!

.3 inches of rain? That's all? we had 1.3 in an hour. I guess the corn will got from $8 dozen to $10 now. UGH!!

Can't wait until you have nothing more to say!

hugs, Linda

Behind My Picket Fence said...

Note to Kristi - See? See? See? You heard that expression too! Let's pretend your Grandma said that because she had a sense of humor!!!! :-) Well, she did! Be sure to tell the Divine Miss O that I will get Bob & Sam in here sometime too. Hugs & Kisses.

Thimbleanna said...

Hey Wait -- is this My Yellow Farmhouse's Faye? I guess I didn't need to tell YOU what her name is, did I LOL??? Love that cute wooden basket!

lilsista said...

Hi Mom! I'm sooooooooo tickled that you've decided to adopt me! do know of course what this means right?... Yah...your 5 new grandchildern are coming to stay with you for summer break and need you to pick them up at the airport in a few short hours from now!! :0)! Ha! Ya, ya, I know...that was kinda mean wasn't it?...I couldn't help it...sorry mom! I'm off to my real mom's house for a couple days...maybe I'll come back from there with some great junk...there are usually so many garage sales etc. on the way. Be back around Tuesday sometime. Smiles :0)!

Wendy K said...

Love, love, love your box! You're so clever, you make it look soooo easy!! Gorgeous flowers too! x x

Anonymous said...

So Mrs. Picketfence I will try this again since the first comment never showed up, at least that's what your saying, hmmm, - of course I can't remember how witty I was in the first post, but I remember something about - oh ya WANTING one of those boxes - yup that was it and about Baxter being almost perfect. That's all I got today. I'm going to go blow my nose now, LOL.

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your woodworking skills - I love that basket!