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Monday, July 27, 2009


I’m looking for a little advice – or a lot.  My problem is our deck.  It’s a composite material that we put in 5 years ago.  (Brand Geo Deck).  It was supposed to be a good product but it needs to be replaced.  I don’t want the maintenance of wood.  What do you have?  What you like and what  you don’t like.  I’ve heard of a good plastic (attractive) but it’s even more expensive than composite. 

Thanks for any advice.

Ms. Faye


lilsista said...

Hey there lady :0)! How is it thatI missed your last post about the holiday? Great pictures! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. About your deck....I'm not one for giving advice in that area...our deck top needs replacing too. The people who lived here before us just slapped down plywood and painted it with interior latex...if you can imagine how that looks now...yah...horrid. The rain pools on top and doesn't drain away so now it's rotting. I think that we are just going to replace it with new wood topped with some of this deck tread stuff that we got at home depot. It's weather proof and seals up the wood while giving it a nice color and textured finish. You also don't have to ever apply it again. We haven't gotten to it yet otherwise I'd know what to tell you about how it looks or wether we like the results or not...but I guess it's a cost effective alternative to the other more expensive options. Anyhoo....hope you enjoy your day today! Smiles :0)!

Carrie ~ said...

My Sister, who lives in Seattle, rain capital of the world, is putting a new deck on using the new non-wood material. They are pretty positive about the quality. I will get some info from her. Best of luck on your research.

Our Life...Taking it one experience at a time said...

After having a few wood decks, we went with concrete and absolutely love it. The only hard part was deciding on regular concrete or exposed aggregate.

Barb said...

I just had a new deck and front porch put on--we used Azek for the porch tongue & groove and for the back deck flooring, spaced as a deck. We used white Trex railing on the deck. It is beautiful and they are fantastic products! I had heard that Geo Deck had a lot of problems.

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Hi! Thanks for your visit to my blog a few days back. Very sweet of you and I'm glad you like our fence. We didn't want our view of the woods obstructed. Sorry i don't have any advice on your deck. I did however really enjoy scrolling down and looking at your beautiful flowers! Donna