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Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

As far as vacations go, it was pretty short.  But sweet.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to cancel out this time.  Last month’s trip to Missouri didn’t happen for me and you might remember me telling you about the kicking, screaming and whining.  That’s all in the past.  (except maybe the whining.  Sometimes a girl just hasta whine or hit the chocolate.   It’s all good.) 

So, anyway, back to the Garden Club Trip.  2 whole days in a deluxe motor coach - basically, anything not a school bus is classified as a deluxe coach…….:-) Hey, it was a nice bus.  I’m just sayin’ it wasn’t a cadillac.  You hear me, sister?  Plus one blissful night in a “deluxe” room with sleep number beds.  It was great except I left my number at home and I spent all night trying to find the correct number.  Oh, for God’s sake, let’s get on with the pictures, right? 

Our first stop was at Central Lakes College’s Ag Center gardens.  This garden was maintained by an all volunteer crew and it was extensive and wonderful.  Check these out:

                       DSC00275    DSC00273                                                                               DSC00274


That’s my new best friend AnnaMae in the above picture.  See?  She’s tall and thin – just like me!!!!  ahem.

We left home at 7am and this first stop was around 10.  We had coffee, juice and homemade rolls.  Yum.

Next stop – Black Bear Casino near Duluth – FOR FOOD.  No time to gamble.  What a great buffet and I usually don’t like buffets.  This one was very, very good.  (so were the desserts.  Did I mention I was on a diet?  Whew.  I didn’t think you knew that.  Besides, all my tablemates were having dessert so I didn’t want them to feel bad if I wasn’t.  I am a kind & thoughtful person…) 

We toured the Duluth Rose Garden.  I didn’t count them but I believe them when they say there were more than 3000 rose bushes as well as other plant delights.  Here are a few:



At the edge of the gardens looking over a train track, a road and Lake Superior.DSC00276



This is near the entrance.  It was a beautiful day – about 70 degrees F.

A couple more roses:





















Time to eat.  It’s only been 3 hours since our last meal.  We ate at Grandma’s.  Not MY grandma’s, it’s a famous (in Minnesota) restaurant.  Now we’re off to view some private gardens.  This first one knocked all our socks off.  Good thing we were wearing sandals, huh?


Front Yard.

Below:  tea time spot.


DSC00305 These are all back-yard pictures.  Everywhere you looked there was another wonderful thing to see.






DSC00313 DSC00312




A way cool rock garden.



These are from Ray’s yard.  To know Ray is to love Ray………He met us when we arrived in Duluth and kept us entertained until we left.  We were all in love…with Ray.  And his gardening talent.















The end of day 1.  Oof-da golly.  This gal was plain tuckered out.  After playing sleep number all night (just like Vegas), we were ready for a great breakfast in the revolving restaurant.  It takes an hour to make the circle and let me tell you, there are some great views to be had.

We spent a goodly amount of time – and money – at a great plant nursery then up the mountain we went.  Think about this:  big old bus, narrow old road, climbing a mountain.  Ugh.  I didn’t dare lean over or the bus might fall over the edge.  Anyway we made it safe & sound at Enger Park where we had a picnic lunch that was catered in.  Can you almost feel us getting weak with hunger at this point?  It’s been less than 4 hours since our last feeding.  Well, all that fresh air makes hearty appetites – ?  Now back down the mountain (still scary) to “The Depot”DSC00341

for the Duluth Flower Show.  Now we’re going to leave Duluth (on an almost empty stomach – not)


and head to Wood Spirit Gardens in Backus, MN.  This man designs absolutely stunning landscapes and water gardens. 

DSC00328 This is a garden gate made from a huge boulder that was cut in half.  Don’t try this at home.



I just loved this shed.

Oh, ya, they served us cookies, fruit, veggies, wine & coffee.  Whew!

Back on the bus to Blueberry Pines Golf Course in Menahga.  Yep, you guess it.  Food.  Lasagna supper.  How’s my diet going you wonder?  Well, I wonder why I thought I could make wise food choices.  Blegh.  You’d think I wouldn’t be hungry again for days.  Not so.  Anyway, we made it home from a wonderful trip, heavier in body, lighter in pocketbook and richer in friends.

Hope you didn’t nod off – this got pretty long.  Maybe next time I’ll make it interesting.  We’ll see.

Ms. Faye 






Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Faye what a fun time you had...and girl I could just picture this all these beautiful gardens...wait until Tosstie see these...May you have a great week my friend...see you when I get back from Texas...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The gardens are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pics. -Jackie

Carrie ~ said...

That was a wonderful garden tour, man you must be full of garden inpiration after your trip. Thoses roses are memorable, no worries about the calories, after all that walking I am sure you are even.

yellowfarmhouse said...

So that's where you were - Uff Da Golly what a great trip for you and hanging with AnnaMae - does it get any better than that, lol. Now next year you can help me with some gardening, right? Come on over for something to eat - I'm just sayin, lol.

Hugs Chicky - Mrs. Farmhouse

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

That's my kind of trip! Someone else drives, someone else cooks, someone else makes the bed, someone else hurts their hips, knees and backs in the garden too! Thanks for taking us along!!

hugs, Linda

Susannah said...

So glad that you had a wonderful trip, Faye. I love all the garden pics......great post!

Tootsie said...

I think I am in love with Ray too....oh-for his talents in the gardening dept...silly one!
I am just loving all the photos you too...sorry about the bus...not the limo you deserved...but hey...we can't all be divas right? Your post is wonderful...and looks like that trip was a load of fun! I think I would have been giggling the entire time with your sense of humor!
have a wonderful week....oh
I don't know a lick about decking...I know we used treated wood on our deck...and that is also what is on the floor in my is three years old, always wet and still looks good! just a thought!