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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gator Time….

What do you mean, “what’s a Gator”?  I live in Minnesota so you can be sure it’s not an alligator!  Whew!  A Gator is a like a tiny, little 4-wheel drive truck – only way cute!  Well, here’s a picture of our darling Baxter – (who is almost perfect by the way) – just waiting to take off on the Gator:


I know it looks like he’s going to drive, but believe me, he’s just keeping the seat warm for his farmer/best friend/master, etc. (Not Me!  I’m the farmer’s wife and cleaner-upper of messes.)

So, Gator Time.  You know how I mentioned that Baxter is almost perfect?  Today wasn’t the day.  Our carpenter is coming on Thursday to begin work on our new deck so we (mostly not me) were busily taking down the old one.  While we were working, Baxter took a notion in his head to go for a run.  Alone.  Un-supervised.  Without permission.  Since I was mainly on the clean up crew, it was my joy & pleasure to go find him.  We are surrounded on 3 sides by fields of wheat – soybeans – sugarbeets.  All of which are taller than Baxter.  Not a problem because when he’s out there running and he wants to see where he is, he just leaps in the air a few times for a look-see.  It also helps us get an eye on him.  That boy is FAST!!!!  BTW, don’t try using logic on a dog.  DOES NOT WORK.  Baxter loves, loves, loves riding in the Gator tho so I hopped on the Gator and went Baxter-hunting, knowing that when he saw me on the Gator, he’d come running.  Ha, ha, ha.  This is where it gets really funny.  At least Baxter thought it was funny because every time he got close enuf to eyeball me, he took off in another direction.  And hide while running under the radar so to speak.  Then I’d see him 1/2 mile or so away as he’s leaping thru the air.  The fields are a mile long and after we’d made that route a couple times, I decided it was time to bring out the big guns.  If there’s anything Baxter loves more than Gator rides, it’s riding in the pickup truck.  I drove back to the farm and traded for the old farm pickup and drove back to the field.  The next time he took a flying leap (?) and saw the pickup, well, GAME OVER!   So was playtime if you hear what I’m sayin’.  Besides the fact that he wouldn’t listen to me, he was running thru beans with very wet leaves on black dirt.  You see what I’m sayin’?  He was one dirty dog.  Like this:DSC00368Well, long story short (too late for that I guess), we got our boy home, cleaned up and explained to him the error of his ways.  He looked totally innocent so I’m sure it will never happen again………….

Its Weds., so this is what I’ve been working on. 

I’ve been on a woodshed kick lately and the sawdust has just been a-flying.  I saw some wood pumpkins and came up with my own version:

DSC00433The smaller pumpkins were made last year for Mrs. Farmhouse.  She had a halloween punchneedle project mounted on the pumpkin which was adorable.  Speaking of Mrs. Farmhouse, she talked me into making some frames for her – you know how she loves stitchers and wool designs.  These came out of my shed this week  - OK, Ms. Karen???? 


And then, I’ve been so inspired by all the prim blogs and this has always been a design I admire, so……I made one. But excuse the picture as I don’t have hanging hooks on it yet.


To see more of Whatcha Working on Weds, head over to

Oh, and before I forget, Mrs. Farmhouse is entertaining both Woolies and Peeps at her home tomorrow.  It’s sure to be a great day with good friends, good food and lots of laughs.

And now it seems awfully quiet.  I wonder what Baxter is doing?????]

Ms. Faye


Anonymous said...

Oh that Baxter is such a rascal isn't he - but he'll be perfect some day. Loving those frames there Ms. Faye - they will be a lovely addition to the Farmhouse site.

Hey I'm showing my pumpkins tonight also. You know I love that pegrack with the sock - I'm just sayin it could look great in the Farmhouse hanging with my pegrack that has the candle holder on it :).

See you tomorrow for a fun fun day -

XOXO Mrs. Farmhouse

Susannah said...

Hello there Ms. Faye......Aren't dogs just wonderful? Never a dull moment! I love the name - Baxter.

Your pumpkins are so neat. I could find a cute place for them. Fall is just around the corner, hey?


Millie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. With regard to endless summer hydrangea, they are unpredictable in our climate. I usually plant them in a pot the first year, they bloom nicely (in blue), then I pop them in the ground in a sheltered spot in the fall. the one I've shown is right beside the foundation on East exposure. They bloom pink here because of our lime soil. Your blog looks nice,,,I'm off to read more! (we love Minnesota!)

Cindy said...

I love the wood projects that you have done! They are wonderful, I used to have a saw that would cut all kinds of amazing things out of wood, but we moved and we gave it to our son-in-law. I wish I had it now, I could make some of those pumpkins! I found your blog over at Millies (Wreathmaker)I will come back! Hugs, Cindy S