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Friday, August 21, 2009

I Got Nothing

I’ve got nothing to say today.  Oh, don’t be so surprised.  It could happen.  But it.  (whew)  I just feel a little short on time, so I’ll save my “nothing-ness” for later.  I’d just like to Flaunt my Flowers for anyone wishing to take a peek.   Follow the link above to see others flaunt their flowers too!

DSC00496 Above are impatients.  Below is gailardia.DSC00502


Above:  Blackeyed Susan.

Below: my 1st Foxglove Blooms DSC00498 DSC00499

Above:  Phlox.    Below: Nasturniums DSC00501

It has been such a cool summer – even for us.  Just because I live in Minnesota, doesn’t mean it’s the artic circle and we do have hot, humid summers.  Except for this year when I think we’ve hit 90 only 2 or 3 times and even rarely over 80.  Far be it for me to be critical but I gotta object to the north wind we had yesterday – meaning it came to us from Canada……I suppose it’s no one’s fault really.  And I’ve gotta remember all the good things that come to us from Canada.  (How’s that for digging myself out of a hole?)

We’ve had too much rain also.  And, since I’m sure you want the “farm report”, I gotta say it won’t be our best year.  We’re a good month later than usual getting in the wheat – it needs hot weather to ripen.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed to start tomorrow.  Soybeans & sugarbeets?  Well, we don’t know yet but since everythings late this year and we work against the freezing weather in a normal year, well, you see where there could be a conflict.  But it will be what it will be and we’ll be thankful for God’s blesssings.

The carpenter is making great strides on our new deck and will share later.

Yesterday was our first annual Woolies and Peeps day at Mrs. Farmhouse’s home.  I hope to get some of that on my blog soon.  The show ‘n tell will know your socks off!!!  in my humble opinion.


Tootsie said...

girl...your flowers needed no words!!! Your hole digging abilities are outstanding!!! It is so stinking windy here today....that no one wants to be outside!!! This summer has been unlike any I remember...frost in July???? WTH? (what the heck) lol
I can't wait to see the deck addition...and thanks for all the well wishes for my Dad. I spoke with the hospital, and they say he is going home today and will be fine! Lets hope that nurse knows her stuff!!! lol I am sure she does.
thanks for linking in to FF today!!! I love your blog and seeing your beautiful flowers makes me smile!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Best wishes on your crops, I totally know where you are going with that one. Keep those freezing temps back for a bit yet!!
Your flowers are wonderful even with you cool weather.
I'm holding on to my socks....oh!! i'm barefoot, we must be having your hot weather!!!
Hugs, Carrie

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Happy weekend!

Susannah said...

Hello there....your flower pictures are fabulous and thanks for the "farm report". I am a farmer's daughter and so it was especially interesting to me.

Have a nice weekend.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

LOved the flower pictures and can't wait for the show n tell from the Red Farmhouse!! I hope the crops do well from here on out!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the flower photos. I am a Midwest transplant to CA. Those flowers just don't do well in our more desert like climate. So it reminded me of my Midwest roots. Thanks. Charlotte no blog