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Monday, August 24, 2009

I Tried to Be Nice……………

I gave Karen aka Mrs. Farmhouse, 3 days to post a story about our gathering at her house last week.  I am not responsible for the fact that I am able to post before she does.  Ya hear what I’m saying?  I done my best.  Sorry Karen – I WON!!!!!

The gathering was the first annual (and maybe the last annual but we won’t know until next year) combination of the Woolies and the Peeps.  Not all the Peeps could be there – some of them have JOBS.  What’s with that?  Wouldn’t that interfere with a girl’s social life?  Well, anyway, most of the gang was there.  NOW, we needed a name for this combined group – just to SIMPLIFY things.  It’s important that we name things.  It then becomes “official” and we can tell our husbands we are going to a “meeting”.    We shall forever after be call “The Sisterhood”.  Possibly “Sisters in the ‘hood” but it would be a very large neighborhood!  We felt that The Sisterhood sounded very community-minded and would be good for having “meetings”.  tee hee.

Ms. Karen made us a wonderful lunch.  It was a cold day – no sitting outside,darn it but we were served a wonderful white chili with cornbread & honey-butter.  And our afternoon “snack” was a melt-in-your-mouth slice (large slice!) of pumpkin cheesecake.  I can still taste it and let me be the first to mention it would be worth falling off the diet wagon for!!!  Karen had a fall theme – the best decorating time of the year!



Helping ourselves to lunch.





One of the tables with a fall theme.  Notice the little goodie bags Karen left at each plate!  Inside – a fall scented candle.  How nice was that???



After lunch we retired to the Sun Room – it’s cozy and has a wonderful view.  (I will leave Karen to show her house pics…..)  Show ‘n Tell Time!!! 


First up is  Shod with a project from Jo’s Little Women.  Awesome!!  Everyone wanted to take this baby home!


L.L. with one of the many beautiful bags she’s made.  That’s kinda my color, isn’t it?




Another L.L. project from several years ago.  It’s a table- runner from a Thimbleberry pattern.  Did I mention that Karen MADE us bring a fall project for show 'n tell?  (What a meanie!  NOT.)



Gail showed us a sweet runner made from a charm pack (I’m pretty sure.)  It’s just darling for a July runner!



Caro showed us an awesome 4-season design.  Each quarterly design will fit into the same frame – which her husband just whipped up for his sweetie!!!! DSC00469

  Neecie is our resident punch needle expert.  She brought this great fall design that she mounted on a wool pillow.  Sweet!

If you’re getting tired and need a break, this would be a good time.  I’ll wait a minute for you to get back here ‘cuz I’ve got lots more to show and you don’t want to miss any…….hmm-de-hmm-de-hmm.  Ready?



  Neecie’s adorable little bag.  A zipper around the top makes it perfect for lots of little things.



When Neecie made this several years ago, I begged and begged her to gift it to me.  Do you see it behind my picket fence?  No.o.o.o.  What do we call that?  Selfish!!  Hey, maybe she forgot I wanted it.  Let’s ask: Is it my turn to have it now Neecie?


OK, KC, I’m not seeing Fall in this project but we are so proud of you for expanding your horizons.  She did a little knitting while traveling in a car.  These make the BEST dishcloths.  I’m not kidding. 

To be continued………….read on to posts II and III – PLEASE.

Ms. Faye


Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

AWESOME, Love them all, but after you have your turn with the pumpkin quilt, with the blue borders ( love it) can you will it over here......
The Sisterhood Gathering looks and sounds like a perfect late summer time. Glad you all had your special time at Karen's Red Farmhouse!!!
Warm or Cool I'm sure it was perfect!

Pat said...

Ms. Faye, I must say that I love your blog. You just brighten my day. I am not crazy about blogger either, but I found Windows Live, and my life has changed it is just like Word you can place a picture and it stays where you want it not up on top. Try it you will like it.

Karen said...

You snooze you lose! Isn't that the saying? So you got to be the first to post about the gathering. You are a very creative writer. I enjoy reading your blog.
The fall projects shown are good ones. I like the idea with the frame that more than one project can be popped into.

Anonymous said...

Ha - game on is now game over sister - great job on the post and I guess I was snoozing, lol. Ready to work tomorrow - I'm just sayin :)

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse