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Friday, October 9, 2009

Farmhouse Woolens “Wool Garden”


Can you believe it?  The Wool Garden block of the month from Farmhouse Woolens is complete.  Woo-Hoo!!!  I can hardly believe that over the course of a year I never lost any of the blocks.  I got them finished in a timely manner (deadlines are a good thing!)  And even better is the fact that Baxter, our almost perfect Brittany never ate ANY of it.  If  you don’t believe that Baxter could do such a thing, check this out:


I kid you not, I didn’t get to enjoy this one for even 24 hours.  In his defense, he was still a puppy when that happened – last year – and I was silly enough to think I could put a cute pillow on the couch.  What was I thinking?  How long does puppy-ness last on a Brittany?  Be gentle with me & tell me it’ll only be another week or so.  I’m just sayin….

Back to our story: we started this a year ago and we’re ready to finish it up. I’m sure EVERYONE is totally up-to-date on doing their blocks – right?  :-)  I made the sample for Mrs. Farmhouse that she has shown on her Farmhouse Woolens site and it finishes a bit differently than most quilts.  I thought I’d attempt to go more in-depth than the pattern instructions and maybe add a tip or two I have from having done it myself.


One little tip on the rick rack.  Look at blocks 1-2-3.  Apply the rick rack between 1 & 2 – leave raw edges.  Now when you apply it between the 1 & 2 and the #3, lay out the rick rack to find a good place for it to fall on the intersection of those 3 blocks.  Then pin at that intersection and then toward the edges of the blocks.  Match your thread to the rick rack or use invisible thread on top with regular cotton thread in the bobbin.

The first section.  Blocks 1 – 2 –3.


The 2nd section.  Blocks 4 – 5 – 6.


The 3rd section.  Blocks 7 – 8 – 9.


And Section 4.  Blocks 10 – 11 – 12.


If you are applying the scalloped wool border, you’ll want to follow the pattern through the “Finishing” section, #4.   

The pattern didn’t specify how wide to cut the binding.  I cut mine 2” wide – on the bias.


Check the scallop pattern against your quilt.  It may or may not fit.  If it doesn’t, you’ll need to re-draw it.  It’ll be well worth any time you spend on this step.  Once the size is perfect, trace pattern onto freezer paper.  Iron it to the wool (no steam).  I like to leave just a bit above the scallop and I will trim the bottom with a rotary cutter so it’s straight.  A nice sharp scissors will make you happy when cutting this out. 


On the back side, mark a line 1” from all edges.  I like to use “Miracle Chalk” to make the line.  Why?  It’s easy to make a line – it feels sorta like soap.  But the best part is that if you want to erase the line, just touch the iron to it and it’s gone.  I LOVE IT!  DSC00667 DSC00668

Pin the straight edge of wool along the line you just drew on the back of the quilt.  The scallop will stick out beyond the quilt edge in front.  Since wool will stretch, I recommend pinning the wool at the edge of each side first, then working toward the center with pinning.



Now, turn the quilt over so you’re looking at the front.  With right sides together, pin binding all the way around the quilt, matching the edge to the quilt.  Now remove the pins on the back side so you don’t hit them with your sewing machine…..When you sew the binding on, you will be sewing through the wool scallop, the quilt, and the binding all at once.  Ready, set, SEW.


Your binding is on so now press the binding edges together, wrong sides together.  Raw edges even.


Then fold binding in half again and press away from the seam.



I always sew binding down by hand but in this case I felt that sewing it to the wool would distort the wool so it wouldn’t lay flat.  I machine sewed it using invisible thread and a small zig zag stitch. 

I should add that the round dots could be added before you apply the scallop to the quilt or you can do it now after it is finished.


That’s it.  I’ve read it over and it makes sense to me.  Now, I hope it makes sense to YOU!  I always hope that more information is better than less but if I wasn’t clear on something, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.


Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Just beautiful!! I admire your talent. Warm wishes, Esther

Anonymous said...

I just received my finishing kit today in the mail. I will be doing my last block this weekend. Thank you for all of the helpful hints. Your finished quilt looks wonderful. Louise

donna said...

I've not a creative bone in my body, but even I can easily tell that your Wool Garden block is really special.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Just gorgeous!! I love the colors you choose- it's EYE candy!!

Karen said...

Does Mrs. Farmhouse crack the whip to get you to finish or are you good and do it all on your own? Your wool quilt turned out just wonderful! It is not a project that I am doing but I enjoyed reading about the process. I have never heard of Magic Chalk. Interesting.

Terry said...

Your wool garden is so beautiful! I love the edge you put on it! I'm adding this one to my "someday" list! :0)

Linda said...

Ok, now I am even more impressed with your talents Fay!
Borders with scallops have always scared me. Thanks for the easy to read directions.
Ok, BTW.yes that was a Jan Patek wall hanging that you got a peek of in my photo. You're good!

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh mine sit. Oh yes, I was really good about every month sending in my payment so I would receive my blocks and then now look...I'm over the moon about yours! I've got it all and glad to see your tips!

Tootsie said...

so...I came here to see what you are up to...and I see that you are busy busy...finishing up projects...and now teaching us how...
I am in love with this quilt...and I'm just gonna throw this out there...trying to teach me how to quilt is not going to get this beautiful thing into my hot little is just going to frustrate and cause me to say unmentionable words...that are really NOT becoming of a Tootsie of my
I think you should just box that quilt right up....and ship it out to me...I'm just sayin' would be better served warming a little Canadian is snowing here again....but..I'm just sayin!
it is fantastic!

Sigrun said...

If I weren't so busy painting and pining for the snow to melt so I can finish my outside work, I'd love to run right out and tackle that quilt. Your hints and directions are very helpful. You were talking about beets in the mud--we have canola swaths in the snow.

Jan said...

Whow! It's absolutely stunning! I have never worked w/wool, but you "Woolies" are drawing me in w/your gorgeous work :)

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

It's really beautiful, I think I'm with you, we'll see when I get to the finish, think it will be next month, may have to print this out for a reference, love your detail!!
About Baxter, yeah, Hang this Beauty high!!! Then say yer prayers!! ;)

katie said...

Your wool garden is amazing. How nice of you to show others how to finish it off. But you are way over my head in quilting.
I understand your puppy story. We also have a new one and I don't have a hooked rug on the floors, they are all rolled up and under my bed. Maybe next year.

Stina said...

Have a confession.. No.... I aint finished with my Sooo thanks for the lovely tutorial.. will probably need this when I get this far!!!! THANKS.. and ohh... I t is lovely!!! :o))

suz said...

this quilt is so lovely and the tutorial is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

my3Kitties said...

Your wool quilt turned out fantastic! beautiful colors & great hand work too! i can believe the pillow issue, i have a cat who also loves to chew my wool pillows & quilts!!! a cat! can you even believe that? the vet said to give her a chew toy-like she would even find that as interesting as a pillow!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I just got my finishing kit. It seems like the wool at the top would sag when it's hanging, have you hung yours yet?

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt as well as the punchneedle from a few posts ago. I have done just a few things with wool and I am really liking it. Thanks for the tutorial.

I always thought I would like to live on a farm - I am now rethinking that!!!

Charlotte -no blog

Marcia said...

Oh, the quilt is beautiful. I love the rick rack too. Your tutorial makes sense to me and I'm a beginner when it comes to quilting. Your photos are great. Btw, I was encourage by you, and I finally started a blog and have my first post! Thanks so much for your encouragement.

Less is More said...

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