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Friday, October 30, 2009

Leave of Absence

Where have I been?  Mostly just here “down on the farm” but definitely NOT in my happy place.  As farmers, the last thing we want is rain in October.  Murphy’s Law (in which anything that can go wrong, will) would require us then to have almost 6” for the month.  And the next 2 days look rainy.  Color us unhappy.  Are you feeling my pain sisters?  Here’s a little lookee-loo: 


  I know this is out of focus but I was a long way away and I blew this up so you could see the truck badly stuck in the mud.  It doesn’t even look bad from this distance, but I would have wanted my TALL BOOTS to get up close & personal to that one.  I worry about the men when the conditions are bad but I worry even more when they put 2 tractors on a truck.  There’s just too much horsepower & opportunity for an accident.  We had none, thank the Lord.  The truck however, stayed in the mud that day. 

These 2 trucks were moving under their own power.  But it didn’t last very long:


This was a full time job.  Always one tractor but often 2 like this to pull trucks from the moment they enter the field until they leave it:


Those guys WILL NOT be getting stuck.  But he’s my contact with anyone in the field as I’m not excited about driving out there and sometimes someone needs lunch sent  out.  (I’m not naming names Mr. Picket Fence, I’m just sayin…….)  He’s so far off the ground that he has to come part way down so I can hand something up.  Sheesh.  Those are some major mud pies on those steps too. 

And can you imagine how long it takes us (us? what, do you think I help?  Do you see the word “stupid” on my forehead?) to wash up the equipment before it gets stored for the winter? 

There now, don’t you just wish you were a farmer?  Are you bored yet?  Well, I am so lets move along.  And I promise, no more farm tales – even if you beg.  Ya, uh-huh.  Just like I’d beg for a root canal.


Moving on.  I’ve always enjoyed Fertilizer Fridays and especially love when Tootsie gives us little lessons about all things gardening.  I enjoy gardening as much as the next guy – and quite often more – but I’m stumped on what is wrong here.  The nasturtiums are drooping.  The black-eyed Susan's look terrible.   Am I using the wrong fertilizer?  Too much water?  Too little water?  Wrong light conditions?  Help me out here Tootsie!



Wait a little more.

OK, here – these two definitely look funky:



A prize to the 1st one who answers correctly.  Perhaps a bucket of snow????  Or maybe a dead leaf?  It’ll be to-die-for.  Get it?  die-for?  dead leaves?  Well, if I’ve got to explain everything, what’s the point, I ask you?  Anyway, the prize is nothing you’d want so I guess I won’t send it.  (got out of that, didn’t I?)

Now this dogwood and monkshood don’t look too bad for being snowed on:



I’ve been raking leaves and shredding them to use as mulch both now (when everything freezes) and also in the spring as a soil additive.  The container plants have all been cleaned out and pots put away.  Garden decorations have been put away.  If it ever dries up I may mow one more time to chop up any remaining leaves.  Or not.  We’ll see.  I’m not going to drive thru water to mow.  You with me?   I’ve put all my tools in one spot so I can clean, sharpen & oil them for the winter.  (talk is cheap)  A gardener’s work is never done! 

Loose threads didn’t meet this month because of harvest.  We’re all farm women in that group and we all get October-depression.  It’s always cured by wrapping up harvest.  Unresolved issues this year!  Maybe there’s a Dr. Phil show in our group.  Oh, I can hear you now.  You’re saying, “you mean he hasn’t already done a show on you wacko’s?”  Or you might say, “go rob a drug train and take a pill”.  Or, I know.  Get together with the Woolies!  So I did.  Thank God--other females to talk to. About non-mud topics.  Woo-hoo.

I was so excited about going to Woolies,  I forgot my camera – can you believe it?  So I’ll need to beg, borrow or steal pictures from Karen.  When I get pictures, I will post them.  We had lots & lots of eye candy this month too.  Karen is off to Des Moines, Iowa to vend at an AQS show this week along with her friend Kari at New Leaf Stitches.    Those 2 will make friends where-ever, so I’m not worried about them being bored!  Hope it’s a great show girls!

Since I wrote this yesterday, we’ve added another inch of rain and now it’s snowing.  October just isn’t as much fun as it used to be if you hear what I’m sayin’.

I’ve gotten really behind with reading & writing blogs this month.  I want to say thanks to all you dedicated people who stop by and leave a comment.  I truly appreciate you!  :)

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?




Linda said...

Aw, have had a rough time with the weather. Hopefully you will be able to get back on the blog have been missed.
Karen who?..........I seem to remember a gal named Karen who lived in a Red Farmhouse but haven't heard from her in a long time either!
Can't wait to see your Woolie pictures. Take care.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh man - that is no fun!! I am so sorry you have had such a wet month. Farmers in our area had that all summer and many didn't have much to harvest at all. It's not been a good year.

Glad you got to enjoy the woolies at least. And I wish a Happy Halloween to you and yours!

Erin said...

It is crazy how quickly things change, isn't it? I loved this post and your pictures! I'm sorry that your plants aren't liking the snow - it is a shock every year, I know. I think we're going to be stuck (again) with leaves that aren't quite cleaned up, but who knows...maybe we'll have a few dry could happen...

Tootsie said... had me going there for a minute...I thought for sure you hit your head on a tractor door and didn't realize snow was your issue!!! lol
I hope you all get this finished soon...I hear exactly what you are sayin about October sucking huge rocks this is cold and wet and off and on snowing here since the last week in Sept!
hope you have a good weekend!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

The rains have also wreaked havoc with harvest, especially soybeans, here in NW Tennessee...I don't farm but still I'm always interested because you guys keep all of us fed...I want you to have good I'll keep you in my prayers!!!

Wendy K said...

Don't stop the farm stories...I love them! Reminds me when I was little and lived on a farm in Yorkshire. Have a fun Halloween,
Love Wendy x

Donna said...

Sorry to hear about your farming woes. Hopefully, they'll come to an end soon and in a good way!

I'm dressing up as a swine flu victim for Halloween! I've been sick with flu-like symptoms so it's a costume that I come by naturally.

At least I think it's swine flu. I had a regular flu shot and a pneumonia shot so that only leaves swine flu. Gosh, I hope so because I wouldn't want to dress up for Halloween in the wrong virus! To tell you the truth, it hasn't been as bad as I would've thought though. I guess those two shots helped because hubby had it too, and he was much worse.

I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep 'em coming when your not out delivering meals on muddy wheels!

Have a great day and a Happy Halloween!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You can make even farming woes seem funny. Not that I'm laughing at're just making me smile. I'd wondered what happened to you. I look forward to your photos. My daughter said yesterday that she wants it to get cold, it's been in the 70's here. It's cold at night, but of course we don't know cold, really, not compared to you. Thanks for sharing.

Susannah said...

Hello Miss Fayeeeee! I have missed you. Please don't stop with the posts and pics of the farm. I really enjoy it. I do hope that things start going better for the farmers there. I remember how my Dad worried.

You take care and don't get stuck taking lunch to the men!


Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog. I have to thank you first of all for the wonderful directions for completing wool garden. Thank you!
Now I have to thank you for your most descriptive journal of your farming experience and the rain. I too enjoyed your humor but I will so appreciate the next beet that I enjoy..I love beets!! So thank you again and your family for all that you do..Louise

Marie said...

I have missed you so much! I am so sorry about the MUD! My friends went to pick peas one day last week and sunk down in mud. My friend said the mud was like quick sand and just sucked her boots down and was difficult to get out. Well, they got no peas! We are having rain again today in NC. Look forward to seeing pictures from the Woolies. My husband and friends got the pumpkins done. I will put a picture of them on a post if it is okay with you.
Marie in NC

Holly said...

Faye, it's so good to have you back! You could post on anything and it would be entertaining!!
Sorry to hear about all the rain...and snow.You work hard all year for the big ending and , well, yuck!
I'm a farmgirl at heart and I love hearing about your life on the farm so please don't stop!
Look forward to seeing the woolies pics...I'll head over to Karen's and see what she has.

Today's my day to clear out all the plants, etc. But here I am blogging's much more fun!!!
I didn't dress up for Halloween, but my son went as a "chick magnet"! Hopefully I'll have pics up today!
Take care!! Holly