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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Singing in the Rain

The last thing I have time for today is this.  I have things to do, places to go and people to see.  Sorta.  I need to GO to my sewing room, I need to DO some sewing and I plan to SEE my family this evening.  Most of them.  You see there are those in my family who are rebels and moved many, many miles away therefore depriving me of daily contact with my granddaughter.  Well, you know I miss my daughter too.  If you’ve had one or more kids move away, you know how I’m feeling about that….and she’s my ONLY daughter.  We have 2 sons who are really, really good sons by living less than an hour from their loving parental units.  Are you reading this Kristi?  hint, hint. 

Anyway, as I was saying, they all should really be here because our boys don’t sing.  They couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket - if you hear what I’m saying?  I remember when they were in a college fraternity and it was the annual parents night.  Before we could dig into the wonderful meal in front of us, the “brothers” all stood at their respective tables to sing some song that I never did quite figure out -- only because not a single one of them could sing.  I couldn’t understand the words.  It’s not like opera where it’s in another language.  It was in English.  I think.  It sounded like a dirge, like their best friend had just died or their girlfriend had just run off with the milkman or something.  It was a low monotone with no expression or enthusiasm.  I just sat back and ENJOYED.  Man, that was fun.  That made the years of tuition worth it!  I’m just sayin’.  Well, that and the fact that they did graduate!

Back to why I’m lamenting their lack of singing abilities.  It’s gonna be real tough without Kristi for the boys to sing Happy Birthday to dear old Mom.  (me)  I had to throw the word “old” in there, didn’t I?  Shall I tell you how old I am?


What set me off on this post today was a conversation with a friend this morning.  She called to wish me a Happy and said she was sorry but my gift would be late.  Mainly because she hadn’t been anywhere to buy it.  You’d have to know how we operate.  We’re usually about a month late with gifts so if she’d had a gift for me today, it would have been like she was early.  But I got to thinking (unusual, but it happens).  She had gone on a hunting/camping trip with her hubs & son-in-law to Medora last month.  She doesn’t hunt but she had a nice restful vacation.  They were pretty much out in the middle of nowhere’sville.  Not a lot of shopping there.  But I know she went for daily walks and a couple of times she walked up a big hill to a really old cemetery.  She loved that cemetery and went back several times. Aha.  The perfect gift for her “old friend”.  She should have brought me a tombstone.  It would have been a useful, original gift.  I’ll need it sooner or later.  I’m  hoping later but you never know.  And since life is so very uncertain, when we go out for dinner tonight, I’m having dessert first.

So that pretty much exhausts the singing portion of my blog title today.  But the  singing “in the rain” part is not as much fun.  We are definitely NOT.  We had only 2 days of sugar beet harvest under our belts when BAM, we got 2” of rain.  That’s ok in the summer but not in October.  It’s too cool for the water to disappear quickly – if at all and the forecast looks damp.  Last year many farmers had to leave most or all of their sugar beets in the ground because of mud.  So, as we are fond of saying around here – this looks to become the 2nd annual harvest from hell.  (sorry for the language).  IF we get back in the field, I will post pictures of humungous tractors dragging trucks filled with many tons of beets through the mud.  It will not be pretty.  You may want to cover your eyes.

Let’s see, so far I’ve written about my birthday.  Depressing.  I’ve written about farming.  Depressing.  Let’s lighten up a second.  I’m gonna put in some fall decorating at my house.  The first one is my fireplace mantle:


And remember that basket/box with a handle I built a bit ago?  This is what I did with it:


One of my pumpkins.  I’ve got 2 more I’m making and then that’s it for pumpkins.  Tired of that game.


That’s it for today.  Like I said, I’ve got places to go and things to do.

Ms. Faye.



Pat said...

Happy Birthday Faye. Hope you enjoy your dessert. LOL

Your Fall Dectorating is great.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Happy birthday and may you have many, many, more! Love your mantel too!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Happy Birthday, Faye!!

Carol said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Ms. Faye! I so understand about kids moving away...we have one married, moved to Chicago (from Florida), had our grandson and they moved closer, Birmingham, AL, closer but still way to far away for this mom/grandma...Enjoy your dinner!
Love your pumpkins!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Happy Birthday Faye - I hope you dry up soon! I mean the ground - not you. We don't like to dry up when we are old do we?

My kids better not think about moving away. I'd have to go STAY with them for weeks on end. You know, as in IN THEIR HOUSE 24/7!! Maybe you can threaten Kristi with that and she'll move closer?? I'm just sayin....

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to you;
Happy Birthday to you;
Happy Birthday deeeeaaaaar Faye;
Happy Birthday to you!

How'd that sound? Yeah, I'm no Tiny Tim or Janis Joplin.

You're mantle looks great and your basket too! You're inspiring me to do some fall decorating. Thanks.

Have a very happy birthday and eat a piece of cake for me!


Tootsie said...

Happy Birthday Friend...I hope your desert is huge and yummy...oh heck...have two! It is your day...oh whatever know you were thinking it before I even said it out loud!
yea..thought so...
I wish I could offer a spell or something to make the moisture go away...but sadly the lease ran out on my broom...and I had to turn it and the book of spells in...(yep...bad day being had here...and I am the "wicked witch" lol)
your fall decor is wonderful...I love the window on the angle like that
I do hope your depressing day cheers up lots...just order the two should do the trick!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you Ms Fay ...........and yes I sure do want to know how old you are!
I'll tell you what, my B-Day is this month too, I'll tell you my age if you'll tell me yours. We'll do this privately at a later date though, okay? Oh, don't send any more of your rain to Ohio, we have had enough too.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! Even though we've never met I can just tell that we'd be friends!! I hope you had a wonderful day, and a great dessert!!
Praying for a dry spell so you can get in your harvest. Oh, and I love your mantle! Beautiful!! I'm also very impressed with your woodworking skills!
Blessings! Holly

Anonymous said...

Dear Faye,

I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I just had to chuckle when I read today's blog. I belong to a small quilt group and we do the same thing. We usually make our gifts for birthdays and Christmas and we never get them done on time! Sometimes we just wrap the fabric and the pattern with a note that this is your gift but I need it back. Then we are lucky if it gets done before the next one rolls around!

Hope you have a great day!! Bonnie

Jan said...

Happy, Happy Birthday and here's wishing you many more happy, healthy years to celebrate and to listen to that bad singing (LOL).

suz said...

Have a wonderful birthday Faye. Your decorations are lovely and I hope the rain stops and your harvest is successful. Loved the tombstone idea!

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