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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Latin and Greek

Does anyone understand men?  If you do, let me know.  Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to thin air, or I’m spinning my wheels, or I’m beating my head against a rock.  Sometimes I swear to God above, we don’t even speak the same language.  You know?  Now before I go any further, I want you to know that we are happily married and my husband is a great guy and has many sterling qualities…………….

Well, I was wanting hubs to help me tackle some yard projects.  Nothing life or death of course but the type of thing where I have an idea in my head that I think would be cool.  You know?  We have some leftover decking materials and I said to myself, Self, wouldn’t it be cool to build a veranda on the front of my wood shed?  Doesn’t that sound cool?  I love it.  I could put a couple cool chairs on it and maybe some flower pots or some old crap or something.  Are you getting a picture here?  I ran it by hubs.  Sure, he said.  Hmmmm, that was a little too easy, wasn’t it?  I wonder if he was listening?  I sweetly mentioned it again and again he replied that he would build it.  At this point, I’m still nervous because he generally doesn’t like doing “little projects” for me and frankly, we don’t work all that well together.  We both want to be Chiefs and then there are no Indians.  It’s a problem.  Anyway, back to my project.  Hubs, I purred, I need a firm commitment one way or another.  Either tell me yes or tell me no, but I need an answer because I bought some plants and I need to know where to plant them.  He replied, “if you want it, I will build it”.  That seems like it should be a happy ending, but for the past 2 weekends, it has rained and I’m afraid that by the time the weather straightens out and he has time again, he’ll have forgotten his promise.  AAAAAAARGH.

Then we move on to phase 2 of this unbelievable scenario.  I am envisioning a lovely park-like setting in our back yard.  Well, a lot smaller than a park but it would involve a couple split rail fence sections, some tree & shrub planting, etc.  I proudly showed darling hubs a sketch of my idea and told him I’d like to do this.  Sure, that’s fine, he said.  Now I should explain that he really doesn’t care what I do with the yard and that when I want to do something like that he just hands me the shovel and tells me to have at it.  But, honey, I said, I have a bad leg and can no longer do a project like this without help.  OK, he said.  No, you don’t understand sweetie pie.  When I say I need help I actually mean I need YOUR  help.  Well my snookums, he said, or words to that effect, if you want to do that in the backyard, that’ll be ok, I like to help you do stuff.  At this point, after the shock of THAT statement hit me, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath.  Oh, man, this is so not gonna happen.  Of course, I will let you know if it does, but it’s like I said – 2 languages!!

Well, that got a little long, didn’t it?  I shall leave it up to you to decide how much is fact and how much is fiction…….or how much is in another language.  HA.

I’m going to slip in a few pictures from an event I attended a couple weeks ago.  It was a fund raiser for “Partners” which is a community organization dedicated to keeping people with a medical problem or the elderly in their own homes by providing services to them.  It was a Tour of Tables and there were some very fun ones.  Take a look:




The table above was sponsored by our quilt group, The Loose Threads.  Guess what?  We had a quilting theme!  Scary, isn’t it?    The extra table was a serving table off to the side.  And this is a picture of our group – except for Carole who couldn’t be there.


DSC01219 This silver and white was WAY COOL even if it doesn’t show up well in the photo.

DSC01220 Notice the red dishes?  Loved ‘em! 





The most important reason I’m blogging tonight is to let you know about a blog that you’ll want to follow daily for a week or so.  3 local Quilts of Valor groups are headed for Fort Knox, Kentucky on a bus with – get this – 600 quilts!!!  They plan to blog daily or maybe even more often to tell us about the journey and about personally delivering some of those 600 quilts to some of our service men and women.  Be sure to bookmark this site:

May God be with you on your journey ladies.


Ms. Faye


Willow Lake Stitches said...

Oh Ms Faye, you are so funny ! I totally understand your hubby/yard scenario. . . in fact I could have written it myself ! I also have some yard intervention to tackle, and a "vision". . . I only hope DH shares it ( or can at least SEE it !

Love the tables. . . everyone did such an awesome job !


Chris said...

Ha! You so made me laugh, Faye! :-) I often say Dan must be speaking Swahili and I must be speaking Szechwan. We truly can't figure out what the other is saying no matter how much like English it might sound. Like you, we are very happily married and I'm crazy about him, but sometimes...

Isn't it great to know you're not alone? Meanwhile, I can't wait to hear how this turns out!

Karen said...

The quilting themed table is definitely my favorite.
And are you getting the little porch? An interesting story.

Amy said...

OMG Faye!! I'm rolling around with laughter right now - you just quoted a scenario that would happen at my house. Only problem is, nothing ever gets done cuz once the weather straightens out, there's more pressing things to do, like fieldwork or haying, etc. I've gotten really good at just saying, "hubs, here's what I want to do and here's what it will cost for so-and-so to come do it. I really value our time together and want to spend it relaxing with you, not screaming at each other" (we have that too many chiefs and not enough indians problem too!!) Usually this plays out one of two ways - either he has a stroke at the cost and promptly does it himself to make sure I don't go and get it done by someone else (cuz he knows I will LOL!) or he decides it's not worth his time and tells me to let the guy know he got the job. Either way, it's win-win for me - I get what I wanted done, done!!

Jan said...

Oh Faye, thanks so much for sharing that wonderful new Blog! What an awesome thing your Community has come together and accomplished ... such a heart warming story :) Loved seeing all the tablescapes too! Oh and did your honey come thru for you on all those wonderful ideas you have???