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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Latin and Greek - Translated

Don’t tell me it’s been a month since I’ve written.  Mercy me, how that time flies by.

Not knowing where I left off telling the story of my life, I read my last post.  Ah, it was a humorous story (not to me) of how men and women appear to think just a tad differently.  I wanted hubby-help on a yard project.  He wanted to help me.  (so he said).  Now let me tell you “the rest of the story”.

It had been an early spring here in my Minnesota meadow.  After a long winter and an even longer recuperation from a leg situation, I was able to get outside and enjoy planting and just getting moving again.  Remember how I said in my last post that I don’t understand men?  I think I understand a bit better now…..So just how did my porch turn out?  You be the judge:


What’s that?  You don’t see it?  You’re right – you don’t need new glasses – IT ISN’T THERE!  Huh.  Now to be fair, snookums “might” have gotten the porch built, but there was still a sniggle of doubt in my mind.  I had spent a fair amount of dollars on some very nice plants and was afraid if I waited for the porch to be built, I would by then have killed the plants.  So, I just went ahead with Plan B and planted those little suckers.  They love it there and so do I.  Snookums is also happy – like that’s high on my priority list – but I do what I can.

Probably a porch would have just been an eyesore anyway.   Right?

The lilac bushes were planted last year but I dug up and planted the rest of the flower bed this spring – instead of a porch.  DSC01309

I filled this bed with 8 daylilies all different colors.  The back of the bed is delphiniums, tossed in a couple Russian sage and some Icelandic poppies.  Hurry  up & grow darn it!!!!


And just in case the other side of the shed door felt left out, I added a couple chairs.  Except not to sit on……….


I have a friend – oh don’t act so surprised! – who’s becoming a better friend the more I know her.  Anyway, this friend designs quilt patterns and is a sewing/quilting  tool inventor.  People with talent always just amaze me to pieces and Kari is no exception.  Geez, I should tell you who she is.  Kari Carr is the very successful owner of  New Leaf Stitches.  Kari is a recycled home-ec teacher who has turned over a New Leaf.  Get it??  In case you’re wondering, Kari has some of the most well written pattern instructions you’ll find anywhere.  Very clear, concise & easy to follow.

Any Who.  Spring quilt market was in Mpls. this year so a couple months ago, Kari asked if I’d help her beautify her market booth in a new way.   (This market is where quilt shop owners buy the products they sell in their stores.)  So, she said, how about a home ec room from the 50’s?  Oh, yum, count me in.  Kari was a home ec teacher as was her Mom so it was very appropriate.  The whole thing started with this awesomely cool picture:

1950's Home Ec Class

From there we added a chrome kitchen table, a sewing machine & cabinet that Kari’s mom had used, a little 4-burner gas stove.  Along with the stove there was also pink cookware as well as a pot holder that had a nasty burn hole.  Wonder how that could have happened in a home ec room?  An old apron on Dee Dee the dress form and an imitation Motorola TV cabinet where an instructional  video loop was played.  The walls were of course aqua, the demo table had an aqua gingham check skirt with a really wide hem – in case the table grew I guess.  In the sewing department, we had a yellow table with a yellow shirt (again a wide hem)  that had black dots.  The chairs were also from the 50’s and were yellow & red.  The colors worked out great and were just a perfect “neutral” background to show off her quilts.  Here’s a couple shots of the finished booth ----

DSC01274Sorry for the bad focus…… says:

New Leaf Stitches High School                                                              Home Economics Department, Room 3025                                   Spring Semester – 1955

Almost done setting up the booth:


Notice the blackboard on the front of  the teacher’s desk with their assignments:



Mr. Carr, the younger, is busy filling an order.  What an awesome help he was:


Here’s the sewing department where shoppers were able to test drive the tool Kari invented:


This is our Miss Kari being interviewed.  I haven’t seen the tape but I know Kari did a wonderful job!


Anyway, if you’d like to read more about Kari, about Market or especially about New Leaf Stitches, visit  her New Leaf Stitches blog

Considering all the things that went wrong the day we set up the booth, I think it turned out pretty good.   Are you wondering just a little bit what some of the things were that went wrong?  Treachery & betrayal, con artists, altercations and just plain too strange to be believed.  (Just ask #37) 



Marie said...

Your landscaping looks wonderful. I love the lavender? chairs with the plants on them.
The booth is so neat!!!!!!

Kelly Ann said...

you guys did good on the did remind me of home ec classroom...

Donna said...

I was happy to see that you posted. I was starting to wonder where you were and what you were up to, and now I know! I must tell you that I love your invisible porch! It certainly has invisible character but I love your visible plants even more. I look forward to seeing them once they grow up to be big and strong!

It sounds like you and your friend Kari had quite a grand time decorating her booth. It looked fabulous, and I too loved the awesomely cool picture! Will y'all be at the International Quilt Fest in Houston this October? Actually though market is the week before fest but I plan to go to quilt fest again. I love it!

The last time we talked you asked if we'd built our garden shed yet, and we hadn't but if you go to my blog now, you'll see that we are working on it. I've posted pictures of the process from day 1. You'll also see that we are in Durango right now. Watch the video of what we are doing on Monday. Girl, I'm gonna zip line! Me, the person who is so scared of heights that I can't even watch a show where someone is on the edge of a building! I'm looking forward to this though but if you never hear from me again, I might be laying in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. Please help! Okay, I've taken up too much time and space here so I will go and hope I live to read a other one of your wonderful blogs! Okay, I just typed this on an iPad and I can't figure out how to go back up in the box to reread and edit it so if some of the words don't make any sense, feel free to make up your own!

Pat said...

Faye, once again you made me laugh. Your description of a man's way of thinking is right on! I am sure that my husband would react the same way NO PORCH.

The classroom does indeed look like one I sat in way back then.

Wendy K said...

Miss Faye're back!!
So good to giggle with you again, sounds like you've been busy having fun. Your flower 'porch' looks cute, better than a real porch...hahaha! And your stall dressing is hurry back cause I want to hear all about the treachery and!!
Hugs Wendy Xx

Chris said...

Glad you're back! I, too, have 'hubbin' projects that are probably more happily left undone. :-)

Great booth!! Someday I would love to go to one of those shows. Did you get to shop?

I have Kari's angle stitcher and I just love it! Tell her I said, "Thanks!" It saves soo much time and is so accurate. No more drawn pencil lines for me. Anyway, our local quilt shop, Stitches and Petals, has them in stock and that's where I bought mine, clear out here in Idaho. :-)