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Monday, November 1, 2010

Promises, promises

I would love to say that I just stepped outside my door today and snapped this picture.  Minnesota just doesn’t work that way.  It was taken on Halloween.  No tricks involved.

DSC01641 Aren’t the colors yummy?  Now continue on to the next picture which is a closer version of the same tree taken today.  The colors are gone – honestly I didn’t make it black & white, it really is that color.  But isn’t it pretty anyway?  Love the hoar frost when it sits heavy on the trees.  Apparently, the birdies are loving it too.


DSC01697 DSC01698

How’s this for another before & after?  Only one month apart.

How long ago was it that I promised you a really, totally, yummy recipe?  No need to answer that – I know it has been a long time.  There is only one catch to it – it uses 2 products from the Tastefully Simple company. My daughter who is a senior consultant with this company lives in Denver.  Which, as you all know, is NOT next door to Minnesota.  I don’t think.  Anyway, since she couldn’t bake me a cake for my birthday, she sent me the cake mix and caramel sauce and the recipe.  I know you could get a caramel sauce somewhere else (but I know people who, when asked what they put this caramel sauce on, reply “a spoon”.  It’s that good.)  The pound cake mix might be pretty exclusive to them, I don’t know.  Luckily, I have connections…………..which I could share if you beg.  Here ‘tis:

Absolutely Almond Toffee Pound Cake

*Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix

*1 cup water

*3/4 cup melted butter

Prepare cake as directed on pkg. with water & butter.

Stir in:

*3/4 cup toffee bits

Spray 9x9 pan with cooking spray


*3/4 cup whole pecans on bottom of pan

Pour batter over pecans.  Bake at 325 for 45-50 min.

When cool, serve with:

*Creamy Caramel Sauce 

I would have liked to show a photo but it was gone too fast for me to snap a pic.  (caramel lovers in the family, don’t ya know).  I’m telling you – your taste buds will be doing the happy dance with this cake on your lips.  I did say lips – not hips – didn’t I?

Speaking of hips, some of the folk at my house needed to rest theirs after our Thanksgiving feast.  How many homes across America that day had people & dogs on couches with football on the TV?  


And really, football?  If I had known the person/fiend/psycho who invented the game, I would have said “go back to the drawing board honey, ‘cuz this game isn’t going to catch on”.  And the “outfits”?  Whoa, momma.  Those are strange.  Remember when Linda Evans was on TV?  On “Dallas” I think.  Anyway, she started that whole fad of padded shoulders so that we’d look smaller in the hips in comparison.  Hasn’t anyone told the football fashion people that that style is so last year?  And their little outfits are kinda shiny looking polyester.  Who wears polyester?  By choice?  And knee-high socks? No, wait, they’re wearing TIGHTS!  OMG, I used to wear tights when I was a little girl and had to wear a dress when it was cold out.   And what’s the deal with tucking a towel in your waistband?  When the Indians wore that it was called a breechclout.  I suppose there’s a purpose but I’m not sure I want to know what it is.  It could be kinky.  And I’m not even going to bring up what those helmets do to their hair.  There’s a reason there are no women playing professional football.  I’m just sayin’.  Maybe I’ll start a grassroots anti-football-on-holidays movement.  We could substitute a good quilting program or a fun gardening show.  Let’s think about it, ok?

My real motivation to write today was because I want a friend, MJ, to see some of these pictures.  The Loose Threads were at my house yesterday but MJ is on some sort of 2-week vacation at the Mayo Clinic.  Next time you feel the need to “get away from it all”, I’m suggesting you think warm, sunny & tropical.  Whatever your excuse, everyone missed you MJ.  So here are some of the happenings:


A little light brunch – Swiss & ham crepes, Waldorf fruit salad, cinnamon streusel coffee cake and sunny sunshine OJ.  I suppose we could have eaten more but we needed to save ourselves for afternoon coffee.  Seriously.  Lori brought little individual cheesecakes.  Wow, were they good.  A few Christmas goodies needed to be sampled too.  So much to do, so little time.

Our mini- T blocks we worked on last month at Denise’s.. Lori’s 4-square and Karen’s done in Christmas red & white.



These next 4 were from the month before that.  Same block – all different.  The black bordered one is Connie’s and next to it is Judy’s.  The bottom 2 are mine. 


Judy was busily working on some American Girl doll clothes for her granddaughter.  She will be thrilled! 


A new knitted hat from Jean:


Carole finished one that has been waiting in the wings – for about 5 years.  I totally understand and it IS a great quilt!


Karen made these table toppers from the same pattern (New Leaf Stitches).

DSC01737 DSC01738

She also made this angel wallhanging from a Buggy Barn pattern in Batiks! 


Pictures really are worth a 1,000 words so I’m just gonna let these pictures speak to you while I sign off………




Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Lol...your commentary on football was hilarious and reminded me of one Robin Williams did on golf! Too funny!

Carol said...

Faye your posts are always your sense of humor! The quilts from your group are awesome!

Lorraine said...

Great pics....the snow looks so pretty.....a white Christmas is on my bucket day!! This of course means I need to fly north for the winter! our footballers wear a much nicer uniform I think.....I watched a bit of a game of "your" football the other day...they were playing in the snow....kinda difficult I would have thought!

Tootsie said...

OMG lady you never stop making me giggle...My mom was the QUEEN of the shoulder was really bad there for a while...I think she still sneaks them once and a while..but
I also think my ass just grew three sizes just reading that 'awful' recipe!!! it sounds just wonderful!
I am finally finding my way around is just insane here lately and I barely get online at all anymore...I do miss it...
just wanted to pop in quick and wish the funniest lady in blogland...a very merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays friend!

Chris said...

I wrote a brilliant comment a week or so ago, and then when I pushed go, it disappeared and I was so bummed I threw up my hands and said phooey! But after I wrote last time and said I was missing your humor and lovely pictures, I decided I should let you know how much I enjoyed this post! Too funny about the football uniforms (!!) and the pictures of the quilts are inspiring. Good to hear from you! :-)

Merry Christmas!

I'm Donna from said...

First off, all the quilts are quite lovely! You're group does some really beautiful work! I love the little doll clothes too! I think I'm going to try my hand at making some dolls. Not baby dolls but boudoir type dolls.

I love trees and the tree in this post is absolutely gorgeous--both pictures of it! What kind of tree is it? I must tell you, however, that I have never heard of hoar frost. I’m thinking that in Texas hoar frost might be a loose girl out on the streets on a freezing cold night but what do I know! My deeply technical term for the hoar frost would have been “ice,” probably because we don’t get a lot of super freezing weather although it is 21 degrees outside right now! Wouldn’t that be considered a heatwave in Minnesota? Anyway, Texas doesn’t give me enough whipping winter weather to get the opportunity to learn fancy smancy weather terminology but I plan on learning from you so keep it coming!

To answer your question--how many homes across America had people and dogs on couches watching football on Thanksgiving day? I can’t speak for the rest of the country but I’ll say 2. Your house and mine! Oh, but I’ve got to tell you girl, I LOVE football (and the Dallas Cowboys) but I love to watch all NFL games actually. On Sundays, you can always find me perched on the couch watching football with a pot of something good simmering on the stove. It’s my favorite time of the year!

I would have no objections to putting a quilting show on TV but on another channel. I would have to record it to watch later though. Now if the quilt show features quilters on a football field throwing and catching giant bolts of batik fabric, and darting down the field to a giant cutting table in the end zone while being chased by other quilters who want to tackle them and/or cause a fumble so they can get that bolt of fabric for themselves, then I’d record the football game and watch the quilt show!

As for the players uniforms, I agree that they are soooo yesterday, especially on the days they wear the retro uniforms but I must tell you that I was shocked at your allegation that they are wearing padded shoulders! I was under the impression that those huge camel-like bumps were their actual shoulders, and a physical requirement to make the team! Who knew! Oh yeah--you did!

I do think that the football pants with knee socks may have been stolen from baseball, or at the very least, that’s where they got the idea for it. I don’t understand why their uniforms are polyester either. They should consider wool coveralls, especially up in your neck of the woods.

The reason they tuck a towel in their waistband is in case they run into a giant plate of barbecue ribs in the middle of the field. That towel comes in handy to wipe the ole face off!

Last but not least are the helmets--if you ask me (and I am aware that nobody asked but I’m going to tell you anyway) the helmets aren’t necessary. All they need is a good helmet-head hairspray! You know--the kind of hairspray that won’t let one little hair budge even an 1/8 of an inch in 170 mile an hour winds! They would certainly look much more presentable, and it would be much better head protection too!

I'm Donna from said...
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