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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Fall Y’All


There are certain things in my life that I can take for granted.  One of them is that since we farm, tools are always fair game.  It’s sort of like they are free since we can deduct tools on our taxes.  I never said that this was very logical, but I’m trying to explain that this concept is a constant in my life.  It has worked well for me too since I am the proud owner of undoubtedly too many tools for making things with wood that I don’t know how to or take time to make.  It could still happen but someone also said that pigs can fly.  Still, the tools were deductible and that’s important. 

Another thing I can take for granted is that trucks are almost the same as tools in that they can be depreciated out on taxes.  See, again, they’re almost free. This is all legal stuff I’m telling you so don’t be trying to turn me in to ANYONE!  Especially not the IRS – they are Halloween Scary!!!!  BOO!!


Moving on, I was on a little road trip with Ms. Denise who is the holder of the knowledge of all good places to shop.  I did not buy any tools – altho I had my hands on a few pieces of tin which accidentally got left behind but that’s another story I suppose.  The dishes got left  behind too altho that might not have been an accident…………Regardless of the lack of tool purchases, I found myself a doozy of a truck.  It’s that faded out blue one above.  It doesn’t show very well but there’s a black roof, wheels and welding marks.  He got added to my front door display and his job is to haul a load of cracked and tippy pumpkins.


This is my freshly fluffed entry – just waiting for some little trick-or-treaters.  Since it’s 9 p.m., it looks like 5 are all I’m going to get this year tho.  What happens to all the left-over candy?  I’m pretty sure you know the answer to that.  Look out hips – here comes some more chocolate! 

There is so much awesome technology now and yet some of the most important things are left un-invented.  Where is the chocolate flavored broccoli?  Truly, I do love broccoli but I’ve noticed that I never crave it for little between meal treats.  Why don’t cars have auto-steer like my tractor?  We could punch in the coordinates of where we are and where we want to go, then just sit back and wait until we get there.  Just think how much safer we’d be.  What about a grocery conveyor belt running from the garage to the kitchen cupboards?  What about a puppy that comes pre-trained?  And where are the robotic house cleaners like those we watched on the Jetson’s so many years ago?  What do you think needs to be invented?

I would also be in favor of an invention that would cause the MN Twins to win the World Series.  It has now officially become a tradition for the Twins to fall apart AFTER they win the division thus preventing them from (obviously) beginning and winning the world series.  I’m sure this whole situation is not JOE’S fault but come on Joe, we’re paying you $28 million – A YEAR!!!!!  (it’s ok Joe, we still love you – just maybe not quite as much…

I’m watching the series now but I’m (again) not a happy camper as Texas is my favored team and it’s not looking real promising for them.  (Sorry San Francisco, but I can only pick one favorite).  I’m still hopeful tho because we all know it’s not over ‘till the fat lady sings.  God I hate that expression.  And I don’t even SING!!

Ms. Faye



Lorraine said...

Well Ms Faye - that truck looks awesome.....and a girl has to have some perks for being a farmer...I am with you on the pre-trained puppy thing...Little Miss Rose has about got it sorted though - thank goodness. Although just when you think you can relax.......

Pat said...

Ms Faye, love your fall decorating. It looks very festive. I am sorry that Texas did not win tonight's game too. Not being a sports fan I am not sure what comes next for them, but I will be routing for them! Especially since their home is just next to my town.

Vicci @theplaidbasket said...

You SO make me want to move to a FARMER...and a QUILTER! LOVE you porch and entry decor!

Carol said...

Love your fall decorations and that blue truck is just wonderful! Love the auto steer car idea...sure would make life easier!

suz said...

As a Red Sox fan, I feel your pain. However, if we could do it, so can you! I too would like to see the Rangers win as they are my (this year) second favorite team. Here in New Enland we have 2 favorite teams, the Red Sox and any team that beats the Yankees! Love your little blue truck! I'd like a clone that could go to work for me while I sat at home sewing; or Rosie the robot who'd clean up the mess I made yesterday sorting thru patterns and silk flowers ... I use to have a living room floor!

Marie said...

Yes, whatever happened to those wonderful inventions???? I am with you on a conveyor built to take the groceries from the car to the kitchen. Loved your Fall decorations!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Love ya!