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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kind, thoughtful and loving..

Every time I post I tell myself that now I’m going to post more often and keep them short & sweet.  (like me)  Hmmm.  Not working out.  I tell myself other stuff too.  Like I’m going to stop eating things that are not healthy.  I love that one!  In fact, I tell myself that one nearly every day – especially when I try to button my pants.  Crying face

Lots been happenin’ here girls.  Oh, ya, in my last post I told you how my great-niece was going to win the Little Miss county fair pageant.  Turns out that I was just a tiny tish off as she was the first runner up.  You’re a doll Miss R and we’re proud of you.

After having to skip the June gathering, The Woolies met last week at JM’s beautiful lake retreat.  It was a beautiful day that was a tad on the cool side which was heaven to us as we’d had some of the worst weather possible.  We’d had a stretch of days that were in the 90’s.  Not so bad, right?  Well, add to that the horrible humidity of around 90% and you have a sauna.  The weather man called it sub-tropical.  Yikes.  My glasses fogged up when I went out.

Ok, I got side tracked.  Back to Woolies.  I’ll skip the parts that Karen over at My Yellow Farmhouse wrote about.  Mostly we’re just popping our buttons over the fact that a member of our group has a big accomplishment

(sorry girls, but you gotta admit that the rest of us are deficient in the achievement category.  Oh, wait, I guess that’s just me/deficient/achievement.  Dang.  Carry on Woolie Girls)

OK, Kari Carr, Big Achievement.  Her book was released July 11th.  Check it out:


You can find out more about Kari’s book at New Leaf Stitches

So, long story short (not) we wanted to help Kari in writing her next book.  We presented her with “A Survival Kit for Authors”:


First of all, I apologize for, #1 poor picture quality as it’s hard to stabilize a camera when you’re laughing, and #2 for the disgustingly wrapped package which happened because it was late the night before that I did this and my patience will only go so far.

To get the ball rolling so to speak, was the “Bad Idea File”


The file was actually the largest item in her kit.  Hmmmm.  Think about it. 

But just in case Kari were to have a big idea, she should have the proper pen to record it:


As we all know, good ideas are hard to come by but a person should have a notebook around just in case of a “big idea”


Again, you might want to think about the fact that the Bad Idea File is so large while the Big Idea Book is so small…………..get it?

However we know it’s possible that Kari might not be sure it’s a great idea and would not want to use her big idea pen.  Then she should really have a pencil handy……


or even 20 pencils and a sharpener and a box of erasers.

You know what they say about writers – you have to write when your muse is hot.  That could even be late, late at night.  When a person is sleepy, tired.  And in need of:


COFFEE!  (I’d like to remind you at this point that I did warn you and apologized in advance for these poorly done pictures.  It was hard for Faye.)

If the coffee isn’t doing the trick, we thoughtfully tucked in a bottle of high-powered energy drink.


That started us off on the topic of “have you ever tried this stuff”?  None of us have and after much discussion, it was decided that due to our ages and without an ambulance standing by, it is probably best that we leave that experience to others.

We’re still being helpful here – & I know I mentioned something about age – we tucked in a pair of cheaters -  DSC02197

which were supposed to be hilariously funny ‘cuz I got them at the dollar store.  But danged if they weren’t cute on Kari! 

While at the aforementioned dollar store, this little item just jumped into my cart:


Can you see it?  It’s a gi-normous eraser that says “for BIG mistakes”. 

After all this stuff, we felt there was only one more thing she might need:

unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it but it was another notebook.  This one was the “Big Book of Woolie Wisdom”.   The pages were sadly all blank……………(think about it)

Yes, it’s true, we are a kind & loving group………even tho that’s not an exact quote from our Ms. Kari.  I’m a little afraid tho.  You know what they say about pay-back.

After all the silliness, we broke down and gave her a nice pen – altho smaller than the one above – for her to use at book signings.  AND, even better, Kari still liked us enough to sign a book for each of us!  Thank you girlfriend!


Carol said...

You all have the most fun! Nothing better than good laughs with good friends!

Donna said...

Congratulations to Kari on her book! Woo-hoo! That's truly awesome! Y'all are a thoughtful, kind and fun bunch of gals! Providing Kari with the necessary paraphernalia to assist her in writing projects was a fantastic idea.

Please keep us updated on how she fills up the Bad Idea File and Big Idea Book. I would have only needed one line for the Big Idea Book but I suspect she will fill it quickly with lots of good ideas!

I love the glasses too! They look exactly like something I would buy only I don't look as good in mine as she does.

Go Kari and Congratulations! D~~~~

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