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Friday, July 15, 2011

Queen for a Day

Did you ever know anyone that you thought should be “queen for a day”?  Do you remember that show?  As I recall it (& this is my story), it was someone down on her luck and when she won, it was things like a new washer or refrigerator.  Useful stuff.  Stuff that would make her life better.  But, “useful” is such an ugly word.  It’s only “useful” if you actually “use” it.  Do you see where this is going?  So I’m wondering how “useful” is my vacuum cleaner or my dust cloth or my window-washing tool?  Or my stove.  Especially my stove.  See what I mean? 

My idea of “useful” would be a sewing machine, a good tank steam iron, garden tools, a Gator (little 4-wheel drive thingey) for hauling compost, etc. around the yard.  Oh, and one of the most “useful” things on my list would be my rocking chair.  You know, for rocking baby Henry.  Did I say I wasn’t going to mention Henry ever again?  Did you believe that?  Goodness.

So, tell me. What’s on your “useful” list?

I got side tracked there on the Queen for a Day thing.  I really had it in my mind to talk about being a princess.  No.  Not Catherine the Great across the pond in merry old England.  Not that she isn’t great.  But I know a better princess.  Well, she isn’t a princess yet, but if she doesn’t become one, I’ll suspect someone of bribing a judge.  My granddaughter, the Divine Miss O is the most beautiful girl in the land, but running a close 2nd is my niece’s little girl who will be in the princess pageant this weekend at our county fair.  I know she’ll win.  She’s a shoe-in!  There’s really no reason for other little sweetpeas to enter.  I really, really, really want to put a picture of her here, but I worry about putting a little girl’s picture on the internet.  There are a lot of sick people out there altho I can’t imagine why some sick-o would be reading this.  He’d be awfully bored and terribly out-numbered by all the wonderful people who do read this. 

You must be “royally” sick of this topic by now so maybe I’ll just throw in a few snapshots of my & God’s gardening efforts.






Gardening is a wonderful hobby and I can hardly make myself stay indoors on a nice day.  But it’s not all sun-shiney, tip-toeing thru the tulips.  There are things about it that I hate.  For instance, I HATE IT when we have an early morning thunderstorm and it leaves the yard looking like this the rest of today.  Hope it’s gone tomorrow.


Hope I’m still here tomorrow and hope you are too.

Wet hugs,



Pat said...

Faye, I do remember Queen for a Day and I agree about those things are not really useful. I would say my useful list would be a lady that came twice a week and cleaned and did laundry and ironing. Your gardens are beautiful as is the rain. In dry ole Texas nothing looks good.

Karen said...

I used to watch "Queen for a Day". But it was so sad to hear their stories and then not be the winner for the day.

Karen said...

Goodness Ms Faye your wood shop is an island amongst itself :). Love the gardening pics - sure missed have our day at your house and watching Baxter frolic around the property. Your posts as always are a hoot and a half :).

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

Marie said...

I rememer "Queen for a Day"--I guess that dates us! That was back in the day when you could enjoy TV. I sure do wish we had some of that rain because he is so hot and dry here. If there are thunderstorms, they seem to go around us. You can certainly talk about your new grandson--I know I probably bore my friends with "Guess what Noah can do today". I can hardly believe that he is already a month old. I will not get to see him in person until Christmas. Time passes quickly and can hardly wait for them to come.
Love ya!

Donna said...

Howdy, howdy, howdy Ms. Faye! As usual, I enjoyed this post! First, I must congratulate you and God on the spectacular gardening job the two of you have done! It all looks so pretty! Also, I do enjoy reading about Henry, the Divine Miss O, and any other grandchildren ‘cause grandkiddos are the best! So fun!

As for this Useful stuff, I completely agree that a vacuum cleaner is of no use whatsoever. In order to use my hefty vacuum, I would need a training class that involved pushing an enormous army tank through the mud with the tip of my baby finger! Of course, I am not aware of anyone that offers that class so I’m safe for now! Whew!

The first item on my “Useful List,” would have to be any temperature below 8,472 degrees! I know the rest of the country has heat issues too but we’re on our 2,461st day of it. DO YOU THINK I’M EXAGGERATING? Okay, maybe just a very wee bit but we have had three-digit temps for 18, 19, 20 days in a row now. I’m not sure exactly how many days because when the weather forecaster begins to announce it, I quickly stuff my fingertips into my ears and yell, “La la la la la la la!” until he or she is done! Enough with this heat torture already! (I just heard it’s 20 days. I wasn’t fast enough with the fingers!)

Also on my useful list is water. I can’t seem to drink enough of it these days and my brown brittle lawn keeps knocking on the door asking for a drink. We tell it no and let it suffer just like the rest of us! That brings me to the pond around your cute little metal building. You said it was from an early morning storm. I know what early morning is but what’s a storm?

Indoor plumbing makes my Useful List too because who wants to head for an outhouse in this heat! If the heat doesn’t kill me on the way, the smell is bound to make me keel over before I even get near it! Either way, I don’t make it! I see me delirious, laying on the ground viewing outhouse mirages all around me. It’s a pretty crappy sight!

This list could go on and on but I’ll just add one more item to it and that is football. Football is very useful for bringing me extreme joy (especially when the Cowboys are winning). BUT more importantly is the fact that it’s the direct cause of cooler temperatures!