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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Playing 1st Base & Batting 4th…

If you’re a regular reader of mine you might recall that in many of my previous posts I focused (obsessed) on my favorite baseball player, Joe Mauer. (Minnesota Twins). But then I decided that if I couldn’t adopt Joe, I should switch to another player. I’ve had several in the line-up but none of them worked out either. Apparently they are all satisfied with the parents they already have.  (I just want good tickets to the game!!)  Whatever. Their loss, I’m sure.

I’m very excited about the perfect solution to my heartbreak----------------our very own, brand-spanking-new GRANDSON!!!


We are so excited to welcome our little Henry to our family.   Doesn’t it look like he’s saying I want my Nana???

You know how it is when there is that invisible line in the sand?  That you know you shouldn’t cross?  Well, I crossed it.  I knew my son was not a fan of having “stuff” in the window of his clinic.  So I snuck in – not in the dead of night but I needed the staff to let me in when he wasn’t there. 

I knew he’d be there the following Monday, so I was planning my funeral for Wednesday (you know, after he killed me for messing with his window).  It all turned out fine.  In fact, here’s what I did:


That’s my handsome son in the window holding Henry.




OK, I KNOW I’ve bored you to tears.  I’m a new grandma – I’m entitled.  I will never mention Henry again.  Hardly ever.  Sometimes.  Well, probably a lot.  Get over it.

Nana Faye


Darlene said...

Congratulations to you Nana Faye! He's a delightfully cute baby.

Holly said...

Well, that announcement definitely excuses your absence for the last few months!!! What a cutie! and I love the window, and your hopes and dreams for this little guy!
I'll be looing at the line-up in 2030!!!
Congratulaions Nana!!

Pat said...

Henry is adorable Nana! Loved the story of what you did to your sons window.

Lorraine said...

Of course he is saying I want my Nana! LOVE the window display.....but that's a heck of wait for good tickets!!
Congratulations - looking forward to seeing and hearing a lot more of Henry!

Carol said...

Congratulations Faye...he's precious!

Linda said...

Hi Faye.....good to hear from you. Henry is adorable and so is his Daddy!
I think you should be in charge of the window decor for every season.

paulette said...

Way to go pitched us a great post...with many more to follow (I hope!!) Congrats on a great game!

Wendy said...

Miss Faye is back!!! And she's a we get to call you Granny Faye now ? ;) hehehehe!!
Lovely to hear from you again...I was beginning to worry :)....that you'd finally run off with Joe, but I think your new little fella is much cuter
Hugs Wendy x

Marie said...

Congratulations NANA! A new grandson is wonderful, isn't it. We had a grandson born June 16, 2011 in SF, CA. I am so happy to see you back.
Marie (Mawre)

suz said...

Well, I've missed your wonderful stories, but this certainly more than made up for it! Congratulations on having your own personal baseball player! He's absolutely beautiful and looks like he'll be a terrific first baseman!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Congratulations you post anytime about your beautiful grandson. We have 6 ages 8-17 the years go fast so play, hug, laugh and enjoy everyday you are with them!

Carolyn :)

Donna said...

Congratulations Nana! Henry is a beautiful boy, and I suspect you are going to have a grand time with him! You hit a home run with that cute window display too. Great job!

Tootsie said...

YAY!!! He is adorable...looks like a teensy little elf all snuggled up! congrats to you all for the beautiful new bundle of joy!!!
my own little man just turned 12 on Sunday...and is already worried about his learners driving permit that he is eligible to have in 2 years....lord help me!!!