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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

My name is Baxter and I am 5 years old.   I’m pretty lucky too because I remember my first year as a puppy, there were a lot of days when I didn’t think they’d let me live to see my first birthday.  And here I am at 5!  For my birthday I got a big  old rawhide bone to chew.  I made my Dad hold it for me ‘cuz he likes to spoil me that way.  And I like to let him.

        2013-05-08_17-06-26_175              I also like to ride in the pick-up.  I ride shotgun except when my Dad goes out of the pickup, I get behind the wheel and pretend I get to drive.  He never lets me tho.

Riding in the tractor is my 2nd favorite thing. I have my own buddy seat so I can be watchful
and advise Dad on planting, cultivating and what-not.

Sometimes while we’re “working” in the tractor, I just get bored with the whole thing and need to have a little nap. I just hope Dad’s not napping too.  That auto-steer can be a dangerous thing if we both get sleepy.


Like they say, it’s a dog’s life!

Speaking of dogs, I’ve a birth announcement.  Our son Aaron just got himself a new young’un.  His name is Mack.

Enough with the foolishness,  I need to catch up with the rest of the pictures from our Tour of Tables event.  There were a total of 14 tables and I’ve got to say that this year was the tops.  There were so many outstanding tables.  So many creative ideas.  I’m not going to narrate these, so just go ahead a scroll through….DSC03631               DSC03634DSC03635DSC03641

Hollywood, California:



Illinois – where John Deere tractors are born:


Arizona was the birthplace of the Red Hat Society:

Delaware was the first state:

Washington state is the apple state:







My table (which you saw in the last post) was New Jersey, the garden state:
OK, here’s a short story for you about grandson #1.  Actually, he is the only grandson but he’s definitely a keeper.   One day when he was here for a play day, he was his usual busy self investigating anything and everything.  Here’s a clue about investigating – he’s 20 months old.  ‘Nuff said.  The following pictures are real – the story is pure fiction.

“#1, I can’t believe what a naughty boy you’ve been.  I’m afraid you will have to take a time-out to sit in the dog crate.”

“But Nana, I didn’t mean it, I’ll be good.  Just don’t make me sit in the dog crate”.   Can you see the tears on his poor little face?

“Ha, tricked you Nana!!  This is so much fun!”

“Let’s do it again!” 


Isn’t he a great # 1? 

The Threads met a week ago and we had a great experience and took a tour of the famous (to us) Kirkbride Building.  It was built 1888 by the state of MN and it was called the State Insane Asylum.  I kid you not.  They had as many as 2,000 patients there at one time.  It is now sitting empty.  Our town is trying desperately to find a buyer who will restore the building and turn it into something wonderful.  It is truly one of the most beautiful buildings and grounds that you can imagine.  I’ll see if I can grab a picture of it to insert here.  At any rate, if you are interested, I believe the selling price is………………..$1.00. 

This part of the building is called the central tower.  I wanted to find a picture of the grand staircase because it is awesome and has been much photographed.      The picture below shows the tower in the center of the rest of the complex.  Those wings on either side were all attached – it was all one building.   As you can see, it is huge.   There are also a number of supporting buildings.    There will be many, many unhappy people if we can’t find a way to save this beautiful complex from the wrecking ball.  So sad.  

We (the Threads) had lunch at the local pub – Mabel Murphy’s and a few productive members brought a little show & tell. 
2013-05-10_12-31-41_9442013-05-10_12-32-15_892  Lori’s quilt #1, front & back.

2013-05-10_12-33-27_291      Lori’s quilt #2

2013-05-10_12-36-00_284     Lori’s quilt #3.  So sorry about my bad photography.

2013-05-10_13-06-35_133    Karen’s quilt made for her great-niece.

Well, that’s all she wrote.  My computer fingers are tired and so am I – it’s time for this old gal to say goodnight.

Ms. Faye


Karen said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Baxter - that's some present you got - I hope you are enjoying it and it last awhile. Your right there were a few days were you weren't the most popular person in the house - or the garage for that matter. But you've come along way and I know your Mom and Dad love having your around and I always smile when I see you around town driving with your Dad. Looks like you have some new competition in the family.
Thanks Faye for a fun tour of the tables - so much talent. Show and tell envy here - that Lori - cranking out "big" quilts :).
Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

Donna said...

Please tell Baxter belated Happy Birthday for me! My canine gal pals, Sally & Daisy Mae, say hello and Happy Birthday too. They think that Baxter is one handsome fella and the little flirts are correct! Oh, and your granddog Mack is quite a cutie too! I see years and years of fun ahead with him.

I must say that I love your table event again this year! I especially like that you picked New Jersey because I was born and raised in that state. Your table looked awesome too! I love the burlap on the chairs and the precious gift bags. So cool! Everyone who participated did a great job on their tables!

What's the theme for next year? I'm anxious to know. Inquiring minds and all that. Themed events are always so much fun!

Your #1 grandson is quite adorable! I can see why you think he's a keeper. Is #1 his name?

Your insane asylum is magnificent girl! I really hope someone buys it like maybe Donald Trump. Perhaps he can turn it into a country club or something. What a gorgeous place!

As usual, the quilts are all quite lovely. I'm glad you mentioned that the photography was bad because I was about to go get my eye drops. I thought I was having eye issues. Whew!

Have a good one Faye!

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