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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Love/Hate Technology

     I really have a love/hate relationship between myself and my electronics.  Everything always sounds so simple – until I try to do it and discover it won’t do one of the steps I need to finish.  Or some such thing.  For instance.  My last cell phone was the Motorola Droid 3.  Had a little problem tho.  Within the 1st year, the darn thing died – just turned belly-up and worked no more.  One of the best parts of that whole deal was that I was at the Verizon store telling “the man” what was happening so he took it and was trying a few things when it totally gave up the ghost!  Ha.  Can you believe it?  That’s practically opposite of when you wait & wait to go to the Dr. for a problem and when you walk in the Dr’s office, the symptoms are gone.  But in this case I could say – here’s a phone having issues and then it died in his arms, er, hands.    I did try real hard to get them to let me upgrade to a different phone – I’d pay the difference in price, extend my contract, whatever they wanted,  but no dice. 

     Too late now to make this long story short, so the upshot was that they sent me a new phone free of charge.  “New phone” is kinda misleading tho because they don’t actually send you a “new” phone.  It’s a re-conditioned phone.   The same Droid 3 that I didn’t want.  Of course I was justified in my skepticism – the darn thing worked about 9 months before doing lots of weird stuff, like not always receiving calls and other “minor” problems.  At that point all I could do was wait impatiently for my contract to expire so I could get a new phone. 

     Listen, my Momma didn’t raise no dummy so I did a lot of internet research on cell phones.  I didn’t want to be caught again with my pants down &  a phone that was known for problems.  Lo & behold, if I could stand to wait an extra 2 weeks beyond my contract, I would be able to get the brand-spanking-new Samsung Galaxy S4.  It kinda sounds like a rocket ship with that name but actually every review I could find had nothing but the highest praise.  In fact it was the only phone to earn 5 stars from all reviewers.  The next closest phones in rankings (including the iphone) were at 4 1/2 stars.  No brainer.  This is the phone for me.  I love technology and like to be on the cutting edge.  (uh-huh).  Honestly, swear to God, it is an amazing phone in every way.  I’m totally in love with it.   Had a little problem tho.  After 2 weeks of ownership, it wouldn’t turn on.  Off to Verizon for some advice.  A little of this and a little of that and it was discovered that a new battery would get us up and running.  Whoo-who!  Verizon would send me a new battery and I’d return my bad battery to them.

   Had a little problem tho.  Over the weekend the darn thing wouldn’t turn on.  Hello?  Back to the Verizon store.  The manager is a real sweet gal and we’re getting to be good buds.  While she’s calling Verizon headquarters, we’re looking at each other’s pictures – she has a really cute niece & nephew who are in the bathtub with some pink foaming stuff on their heads.  I need to track some of that stuff down for my grandson.  Smile  I’m thinking it would be fun to play with outside.  Do you know it is called?   Anyway, headquarters said there must be something wrong with the phone itself even tho there have so far been no reports of any issues.   They sent a new phone over-night.  Yeah!  When I opened it, the packaging said “this may be a re-conditioned phone”.  SERIOUSLY?  But my new best friend Kyla, the Verizon store manager assured me that it is in fact a new phone. She moved all data, etc. and it’s been working just fine.  I love technology.

     Anyway, this phone does not do medical exams – yet, but it does some cool stuff.   Like follow eye movements to scroll down a page.  (you know how tired your finger gets from scrolling!)  It will read air-hand gestures instead of touching the screen.  Hopefully, it doesn’t read that one hand gesture (the naughty one).  And it takes amazing pictures.  Now if I could just figure out how to move them from my phone to my computer.  Sigh.  Could someone come over here and help me? I hate technology.

So there you have it.  And I had no idea I was going to write an essay on cell phones when I sat down here. 

We’ve had a lot of rain this past month which has been very discouraging to my gardening soul.  But, “wooden” you know, Smile, I have a wood shop to fall back on as a way to pass the time and keep my mind off eating.  It’s important to get out of the house if you are dieting…..  So, after that long essay, I am hoping I can bring up a few photos that might be of interest. 


Just to prove that not everything ends up as sawdust----I made this flag on beadboard and added two beadboard stars.


This is where I put it, along with the ladder I made last year.


This is the stacked flag set made with 2x4’s.  I added a flag pole on the side and tied jute and some red ribbon.  (it needs a ball on top of the pole but I couldn’t find anything to use.)  I’m thinking the flag pole doesn’t add anything.  What do you think?



With flag pole


 DSC03714     Without


This is where I put it.


Don’t ask me why I made 3 of these because I only want one.  There’s just no explaining my thought processes.  I wonder how well they will sell in December at the Old Crow Mercantile?

This shelf, tables & stool are some of the things that will be at the Old Crow Mercantile.  These are currently unpainted because I think it’s just annoying to get out the paint & brushes for one or 2 projects and then have to clean everything to put away.  I’ll do a painting week later.


    20130609_144123        By the way, I left the broom in the picture as proof that I do sweep the shop now & then.  Even if it doesn’t look like it here. 


Then I moved on to birdhouses.  These are my own and not to sell.  Not all were made this week but I did make them all.  Including the white what-cha-deely that I put the mustard house on.  The old porch post came to me via Mrs. Yellow Farmhouse. 






So that’s what I’ve been doing instead of gardening – or sewing.  Now we’ve had about a week with no rain so my heavy soil is beginning to dry enough to work with.  And just for a little eye candy, this is who stayed overnight with us last weekend – grandson Henry.  Age 2.  Not terrible 2.




Photos were taken by my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.  I love technology!



Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

I'm with you on the technology issue, my phone might just be related to yours. I was thinking the I phone was my next one, I will check out your new one for sure now!

I LOVE your block flag, if your selling one I would be interested!
Love having the grandkids, my oldest is coming for the week, fun times ahead!!

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Anonymous said...

I really find your blog post a bit funny and confusing. Coz at first you hated technology and then suddenly you love it. Whew! Just kidding! But thanks for making me smile this very instance. Your little dude looks so adorable and gorgeous with those chubby red cheeks. So irresistible!

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