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Saturday, August 31, 2013

But I’m too old to have a baby!

How many people had to grab their hearts when they read this title?  It could be a scary thing but in my case, not so much.  See, I’d always told my hubby that I wanted a BobCat for doing important and big jobs in the yard.  I mostly said it just to see if I could get a reaction from him but secretly, I would not have turned one down had it shown up on my doorstep.  One day he explained to me that a BobCat would rip up the lawn.  While it is very, very true that I don’t have a beautiful lawn – especially in this dry summer – I would not like to make matters worse.  So I gave up on the BobCat.  I just always felt I would look good in one.  You know?  Then again, I think I’d look great in a snappy little sports car too.  And I’m not getting one of those either.  Sigh.


As usual, I’ve gotten a little off the track.   Back to babies.  And yes, I really am too old to have the kind of baby that wakes you up at night and makes you smile the rest of the time.  My new “baby” is green.  Take a lookee-see:



I did not realize that John Deere (& others) make little compact utility tractors but as I live and breathe, I have one of my very own.  I think every woman should have all the babies she wants!  You go girls!


And just so you know that my baby looks even better with my favorite 2 year old grandson………..

20130702_100254the very adorable and innocent looking key thief! 

Several years ago I decided to organize my gardening life by putting plant labels on everything.  I had these cute little black markers and with a label-maker, they just looked very nice.  Unfortunately, my little doggie Baxter thought they were cute too and he stole them one by one.  Pretty soon I had no clue what was growing in my garden.  So in another attempt at identifiying/organizing, I took pictures of all the day lilies as they were in bloom so that I would know what colors I had and where they are.  These are this year’s day lily blooms:

Unnamed of course.



20130722_200744                                            20130722_200922 

    20130722_200948                                            20130722_201431  

  20130722_201659                                            20130722_201749  

  20130722_202108                                           20130722_202138  

  20130723_093607                                            20130726_155308 

    20130729_202318                                              20130801_171325 

   20130805_163101                                            20130805_163125   




This is my favorite clematis at the back of the house.  It’s just a blooming fool I tell ya.  I confess I had to crop off the bottom of this picture.  I noticed there was a gi-normous weed right in front that looked suspiciously like a Canadian Thistle.  (no offense Canada friends, but I do not like “your” thistles)  Winking smile



And lastly, this bad quality photo of one of my fav’s – old fashioned hollyhocks.


That’s it for today.  Here’s hoping you get all the babies you want in whatever form you want them.  Maybe I should think a little more about a “baby” car.  Like a convertible maybe.  Hmmm.


Lorraine said...

How cute...your very own toy to play in the garden with....enjoy!

Karen said...

Good to see a post by Ms. Faye :) - I knew better about the baby lol. Love your flower pics - so pretty. Tell me what's it like to grow beautiful flowers :).
Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

backporchcarver said...

Wow, lucky lucky you with your new "baby".That has also been a dream of mine but I also want the mini excavater for digging any holes I need.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Love your John Deere Green! Makin all those chores a party I'm sure. Your bloomin garden is wonderful, I always love to see Hollyhocks, they are lovely. I am enjoying my patriotic flag this summer, I'm not liking the nagging feeling its time to put it away. Summer has gone much to fast. Fall is beautiful here in Oregon but Winter is lurking right behind. Wishing you a lovely fall.

Marie said...

I love your green baby! Your grandson is adorable trying to drive it. I also enjoyed your beautiful flowers. I love Fall except all the flowers will be gone.

Booker DeWitt said...

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Kamao Poot said...

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