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Thursday, October 10, 2013

And now, a word from our sponsor

Oh for heavens sake, I don’t have a sponsor.  Who would sponsor me – and for what?  I’m not an athlete and I’m not in AA either as I rarely drink anything stronger than a latte.  Hmm, now I could be a member of CC (Coffee Cravers).  I don’t think there is one but let me think about organizing the first chapter – would you join?  Should we taper off or just quit cold turkey?  Shudder.  Let’s just taper off.  Oh wait.  I don’t think I want to do that either.  I’ll think about the whole thing and get back to you.  In the meantime, why don’t you start without me?


Really, I don’t have a sponsor.  But I do have an advertisement.  This is kind of a new thing for me – well actually I did it once before.  It was the same thing really, only different.  Winking smile    I’m talking about what I “lovingly” call  “Crap I’ve Made”.  Since that seems to have a negative connotation, I’ll just say that I will have some of the things I’ve made from wood at a craft (not crap) show.  It will be this upcoming Saturday, October 12th from 9:00 to 2:00 at the Breckenridge Senior Citizens Center.  I really don’t know what to expect as to what other things will be offered from other “artists” such as myself.  teehee.  But I will have 2 partners in this crime.  My sister-in-law, aka, Jean, aka Gracie’s Closet will have all manner of clothes and accessories that fit an American Girl doll or one of a similar size.  Jean has also knit poncho’s and caps for Gracie as well as quite a variety of things for your bitty baby.  Check this out:

photo 1


photo 2


photo 3

My other partner, aka Jolene, aka Take Two Mittens has wonderful (can you guess?) mittens!!!!  But no, these are not ordinary mittens.  Jolene has used old sweaters which she then felts and combines with other pieces of wool to make the best pair of mittens you have ever had.  Ever.  Here are a couple of her mittens:


Jolene mittens


And then there’s me.  Not much to say there so I’ll just run a bunch of pictures.  I just wish I could sell bags of sawdust.  I’d make a killing!

This is my version of Santa’s sleigh which is shown all decorated up – because this one is mine.  When you buy a sleigh you can decorate it any way you choose. 






These next pictures are all trays (or boxes) with slanted sides.  I have 2 sizes, 12 1/2” or 10”.  These are just a couple ideas to get you thinking about the possibilities.

        20131009_122359                    20131009_122859            20131009_211038 

These next 2 are the smaller trays:      

        20131009_205748                                                                            20131009_210045-001    


This one is called a candle box which would traditionally hold – you guessed it – candles.  But what if you put a hand-stitched pumpkin on the front and filled it with fall colors?  Even tho I made several of these, I’ve got to warn you, this is the only one that is decorated. 



Now think about when you are in the kitchen trying to come up with a good recipe for supper.  And there are a zillion recipes to be found on your iPad.  They (iPads) are not cheap little items so you hate to slap it on the counter while you’re slicing and dicing.  What if you had a breadboard that would stand up and hold  your iPad?  Something like this:



It even works for your e-readers and the good old-fashioned paper cookbook.  


There are 3 sizes of these risers.  They are used for decorating – sort of like the ideas I’ve shown below.


 20131009_181136                                                           20131009_181921                                                20131009_182000

These are colonial style soap holders, which as you can see don’t necessarily have to hold soap.  Whatever.




Pumpkin City:





  It was at this point that I got tired of taking pictures.  I want you to know that I have even more Crap Crafts to show on Saturday.  I have a bad feeling that this commercial message has gone way over 30 seconds.  I guess you’ll have to just put it on my bill and hope I’m good for it.


See you Saturday,

Hollyhock Farm

aka Ms. Faye                                         


Lorraine said...

yikes Ms have been busy! and you have made a lot of stuff as well! I would love one of the bread board/iPad holders, I am always using my iPad for recipes....but alas I won't be able to get across for the Craft Fair on Saturday! :(

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Ms Faye you must have a large bag of dust with all those wood projects. I love them all, good luck with the show and have fun. Love those mittens too, they are going to be a must have since winter is pushing its way to soon this year.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...
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Carol said...

What an amazing post! I would love one of your breadboards for my IPad...darn I wish I lived closer, I'd be first in line! Have a great show!

suz said...

wish I lived in your neck of the woods - I love the trays and risers - the breadboard for the iPad is the neatest idea!

Kamao Poot said...

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