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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wish you were here………..

A very, very good friend of mine is somewhat of a connoisseur of all things Halloween.  She has also diligently instructed her children and grandchildren in the art of enjoying Halloween.  In other words, they like to have fun!  And, even better, they sometimes take pity on me (whose 11 year old granddaughter lives too far away to enjoy Halloween together), and invite me along.  Pretty sure – like positive – my 2 year old grandson is not ready for this activity.   Last year they went to the haunted house at the old “Insane Asylum” – I did not make that name up.  It was called that.  I understand from Miss D that the experience was well worth the ticket price and said she was thoroughly scared but only peed down her leg a few times and she did not “have the big one” (heart attack).  Sometimes I even question my own sanity for hanging out with this woman!  I think I’ll wear double depends and will make sure the ambulance is on standby.

So check out this website, and let me know if you want tickets.  Wish you were here but you may be glad you aren’t!


I managed to drag out a few fall decorations which I thought I’d share with you.  I’ve tried Smilebox for the first time and I “think” it works.  It was easier to use than I feared.  Unless of course, I’ve screwed it up and it doesn’t work.  That would explain why it was easy to do.


Click here to open Smile Box

Short & sweet today – Happy Halloween!


Donna said...

The music at the insane asylum link was enough to scare me! I cannot imagine actually going into that place. I have a hard time not peeing down my leg just roaming around in Walmart let alone a haunted insane asylum! Did you go? How was it?

I loved your Smile Box! Your house looks so festive, cozy, and very cool! I love it! Autumn and winter are my favorite times of the year. I'm thrilled that they're here, and I hope we get snow (like highly unusual amounts and quite often). I'm dreaming but it's all I have so I'll cling to it with all my might. LOL

You are quite the nifty woodworker Faye! I can't wait to get out the cute snowman that I won in your drawing last year. We have a short little RV trip up to Oklahoma this weekend which will probably be our last until spring. When we get back, I'm going to start decorating for Christmas.

Have a fabulous day and week my friend,

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Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year Faye!! God Bless you all in 2015!


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Helen Keyes said...

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Tootsie said...

just stopped in to say hello! It's been a while...and I haven't been online posting much lately...but I hope to be on more soon! <3 hope all is well with you friend

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