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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Talkin’ Dirty (G-rated)

Romance?  Passion?  Fantasies?  No. 


Dirty?  Absolutely!

The past 2 years I’ve been whining about how wet it was for harvest.  This year was as close to perfect as it’s gonna get and this year we actually saw “dust”!!! 

Apparently, someone else noticed a tiny bit of whining.  How do I know?  She gave me a bottle of this for my birthday-----


What’s so great about a bottle of wine?  Read the label a little closer:

DSC01678 What’s your point?????

So here’s what I spent about 100 hours looking at:



Sugarbeets in the front






Sugar-beets in the back





Sugarbeets under my wheels:






Here are some action shots of me steering the tractor:




Look Ma, no hands!!!




Oh gosh!  I need to move an inch to the left! 



Honestly.  My tractor was equipped with a satellite system called Auto Steer.  When the field is planted, Mr. Farmer enters the latitude & longitude &  his height & weight and what he had for dinner.  Or something.  Wa-la, straight rows.  So when I start the harvest rolling, all I need are the coordinate numbers, pull into the row, push a couple buttons and we’re off.  On a mile-long field, I can really read a lot of pages in my favorite novel.  It beeps once at the end of the row so I know to put down the book and make the turn.  The stress is HORRIBLE!!! 

Sugarbeets are planted in rows 22” apart.  The tires are about 20”.  The GPS is accurate to about 3”.  So you see, SOMETIMES, the wheels would be a tish off and the picture above shows me pushing the button to move the tractor over 1”.  Again, STRESS!  It’s a wonder I survived.

This is what’s called a buddy seat for when you need to bring  your child along?  It’s also where our dog Baxter sometimes sat.  DSC01637

Unfortunately he also sometimes wanted to sit on my lap.  I had to banish him from my tractor because he kept hitting the controls.

DSC01615I sat in this Captain Kirk type ergonomic, swivel chair that had many of the controls right on the arm rest. 

Here is a picture of hubby loading one of the trucks.


And here is hubby and Baxter – taking a nap?  what the heck?  No, I’m sure they were working.  Don’t you think?


After reading all that, don’t you feel dirty


Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle – This monthly club is one that I lead for Karen at Farmhouse Woolens and Dry Goods.  I would like to say that I teach it but there’s very little teaching going on but there sure is a lot of laughter.

Here’s a picture of me with part of the group.  I’m standing toward the right side in white not teaching:


I have cleverly put them all to work with needle & thread which cuts down on the amount of grief they can throw my way.  To tell you the truth, I can’t imagine a better and more fun group of women.  How lucky I am!!

We’ve just had our 2nd club meeting with 4 more to go.  Mostly we’ll do miniatures and this is the 1st month project that they all brought back finished.  They all turned out different and that makes it so fun….. 

























Isn’t that Ms. Neecie showing us how to turn a miniature into a super-miniature? 

Now this is a gal who is always marching to the beat of a different drummer.  And I’m so glad because it’s absolutely wonderful Neecie!  You inspire us to challenge ourselves…….

What were some of your favorite Halloween costumes from your youth (5 years ago)?  Or from your kids?  I remember one year when my daughter was about 9 or 10 and our son was about 2 or 3.  I turned them into Raggedy Ann and Andy.  OMG, they were so cute!  I think Ann’s hair was a mop head dyed red.  Apparently it was hot & hard to keep on her head.  She had a high-waisted skirt & blouse, big red circles on her cheeks and freckles on her nose.  Little “Andy” had pants and suspenders and I don’t remember the rest of his costume.  One year our 2 boys were the Lone Ranger & Tonto.  This involved them each wearing boxes with horse-like spots on them and reins toward the horse’s head.  Cowboy boots & hats and I think that also involved 6-shooters….Oh, yeah, remember being a pair of dice?   Well there are a lot of really cute costumes that you can buy now – not the plastic masks of my youth – but I still like the ones we made at home the very best.  I got to thinking about costumes because Raggedy Andy aka the Lone Ranger aka one dice aka out oldest son and his lovely wife stopped here just now on their way to a Halloween party.  I totally CANNOT believe he was convinced to dress in costume but here they are as Paul Bunyon and Babe (the blue ox):

DSC01674  If Fleet Farm doesn’t have it, you don’t need it – right RJ?  Even the cowbell around  “Babe’s” neck came from Fleet Farm.  Too bad all you town ladies don’t have access to Fleet Farm.  It’s the Niemen Marcus for farm folk!!  LOL

And check out what “Babe” (the blue ox) brought me:


Happy Fall y’all -


Lorraine said...

wow....the precision in that farming equipment is the buddy seat!! I am sure Rose would be banned as well she wouldn't be able to resist jumping on the controls and causing havoc!! Would be nice if I lived over that way and could join your Prairie Womens Sewing Group....looks like a lot of fun.....!!

Karen said...

The label on the wine is hilarious! And how hard you work harvesting the crop is amazing. I did not know that a GPS type system could do all that. Must be expensive equipment. Maybe you could quilt while you are "driving" the tractor.

Your Prairie group looks like they are enjoying themselves. I wish a local shop here would do that.

Chris said...

Hey Faye, where are you?? I keep checking in to see what you're up too. Hope all is well.